Sunday’s musings…

The Garden:

I finally got around to adding a few more stakes to the tomatoes. They have absolutely gone bonkers. I harvest a little bowlful everyday.

The tomatoes on the plate are what’s leftover from what we already ate today. You would think we would get sick of eating them but we don’t. We are thankful to have so many because we love them.

I picked a couple of cucumbers the other day and today I hunted around on the vine and saw a few babies. Too much rain and lack of sun haven’t been so good for gardens. I’ve had to pick the tomatoes before they got too ripe because all the water causes them to split open. Then the ants come and have a feast on them.

I go out there and check the patch in-between showers and downpours. Yes, it is still raining.

The weirdest thing….my super tall sunflower is growing two more flower heads from the stem.

Is that normal? I have no idea. The one on the left is still a bud but the one on the right has petals already. I wonder if the flowers will mature.

While I was looking at that oddity I saw that the semi are finally emerging. Semi are cicadas and they emerge from the ground as the temperatures rise. This year they are late. I don’t blame them. Who wants to crawl around in all this rain. Anyhow, I saw several empty semi shells clinging to the leaves on my sunflower and tree.

As I have said many times-Japan has a whole host of strange, exotic and dangerous bugs. I’m not really a fan of bugs. I don’t mind them if they stay OUTSIDE where they belong. Kids in Japan think it’s fun to have a large betel as a pet. No thank you. Ever.

Interesting article on semi

Things that make me go…hummmm….

We had to run to our local grocery store. Since it was so close to lunch-time we decided to grab a bento to go. Most of the grocery stores and convenience stores carry pre-cooked meals that are pretty much equal to “home cooking”. Not fast-food- junk food at all.

My favorite at this little store is what I call “obosan bento”. Obosan is a nick-name for Japanese priests. The “obosan” bento is vegetarian consisting of; lotus root, pumpkin, tofu, seaweed salad, taro, rolled egg (egg is vegetarian for me),yokan and carrots.

Just tiny bits of each make up a small bento tray. I usually have a rice-ball and tea together with the bento.

Anyhow-while we were choosing our bento I saw this:

Not an unusual site but this just bugs both of us. Food sitting out uncovered.

I would never buy any of this food. I don’t eat hot-dogs and such anyhow but I mean we never buy any food that is just sitting out on trays uncovered. You find this sort of thing often. Bakeries display their breads and pastries like this. AEON Mall has a large bakery with all sorts of nice looking bread products and pastries but we never, ever buy any of it. Do you know how many times I’ve seen people sneeze or cough on uncovered products? How many times I’ve seen long hair, shirt sleeves, little kids fingers-come in contact with uncovered food? Many times.

Our local TRIAL store has cooked pizza, fried pork cutlet, hamburgers..etc- and all of it is just sitting out uncovered.

My husband was the first to say anything about this practice.. I noticed it but I hadn’t really thought about it like he had. Just makes me wonder about sanitation laws.

Our future tiny home:

I know many of you have been thinking…”I hope she’ll post pictures of what will be their new house” …

The other day we had to stop by the folks and I had my ipad with me. I took a few quick shots so that I could have a few pictures to study while I think.  Actually while we both think. Both of us have been chatting here and there about the changes we would like to make. Are you ready? Before I post these let me just say a few things:

-the folks are in their 80’s

-they are both very ill

-there is really zero storage space in this house

-I think they have stopped caring about what it looks like

Okay-here is the first photo. It is the living room.

As you can see there is nothing to see out the window. FIL hung a bamboo shade up and attached some plastic flowers from Daiso. Behind the bamboo shade is actually the neighbor’s house wall. That’s what the bamboo curtain is attached to. The distance from the window to the neighbor’s home is about…what…two feet?

I am giving them a fire extinguisher for Christmas.

This is pretty much the whole room. There isn’t much more to it. The sofa that is seen on the right side isn’t very long. It sits two and a half people.

Around the left corner of the TV-not pictured here – are the rolling doors to the bedroom that will become an extension of the living room and house my books, sewing machine..etc.

In the next photo below, you can’t see it but, the sofa is right up against the stereo system cabinet …thing. Through the rolling doors mid photo is the genkan or front entrance. Actually, it’s quite a large genkan. Wasted space really. There is a door on the right of the photo-that’s the “kitchen” door. A kitchenette really.

From the cabinets to the opposite side counter in the kitchen it is only about 3 feet wide. More I guess if the space was completely empty of the cabinets. length-wise I’d say it is about 8 feet? Maybe?

The photo below is basically a picture of the “dining” side of the kitchen. You can kind of see part of the kitchen cabinets at the back.

The folks sit at that flimsy little table and eat.

We have been looking around on Pinterest for ideas. There are some great Japanese sites that we have found that match our taste. Besides matching our taste the photos show Japanese homes that are similar to ours which helps. I’ve kind of scratched looking at US homes because they are so different.

Here are a couple of ideas that we want to incorporate into our kitchen / dining area. We like wood and natural products. I had the idea of building a bench against the counter wall with a table to match. We can use the bench not only for seating but for storage too.

A couple of photos from my saved collection on Pinterest.

In this photo they built a counter up against the kitchen “wall” but my husband said he wants to eat facing me so this wouldn’t work. However we do love the shelving built over the kitchen counter. We love the wood too and there is a window in the little cooking area…something we are definitely going to install.

The photo below has a similar set up but with a table. I’m honestly not sure if there is enough space for a table. Yes, it is that small. We love all the wood.

The only window in the entire living / dining / kitchen area at the moment is the window that faces no-where. Hubby plans on ripping out the kitchen cabinets (sort of a pre-fab unit), cutting a window in the wall and rebuilding cabinets around the window. I was thankful to hear that. We have a lot of ideas and we just happen to have a few carpenters in the family.

I’ll share more about the tiny-house remodeling project as time goes on.

That’s it for my Sunday musings. Starting to get back into the routine here but it seems that routine is now changing. I can sense that we have already sort of shifted our thinking to our future home. This morning as I was staking the tomatoes we talked about how next year our tomatoes will be in pots….and that it will be easier for me in the long run.

Yes, indeed it will be. There will be things I shall miss about living here but there will be many things I look forward to living in a newer insulated home.

Not seeing my breath inside in the winter is one of them.