About This Blog

Welcome! I’m so glad you decided to stop by!

This blog has gone through several changes just like me.

Firstly -this is a personal blog.

I write mainly about my life here in Japan…from my perspective. You’ll read of my occasional travels, daily life experiences, my garden and other hobbies and other things that I feel inspired to write about-not all will be about Japan. Most of it will be uneventful and just average, normal daily life stuff.

I’m a Christian so I do write about my faith as I live it and experience it. I don’t preach sermons here. No worries.

Simple living in a foreign country is what I have come to adore and write mostly about. You’ll encounter a variety of experiences, emotions, and stories. Real life. Sometimes it’s messy, sometimes it’s joyful sometimes it’s boring.

My blog is really more like an online diary (as it states in the description).

What it isn’t: a travel blog or an “everything Japan” blog.

It’s just an ordinary personal blog about my experiences here so the writing style is mostly informal. Sometimes it’s poetic and “wispy” and sometimes it’s just down to earth realistic.

Much of it is written for my family who reads my blog and lives far away-the rest of you can tag along.  🙂

I also share my articles that I occasionally write for Japanese culture and travel magazines.

Look for small changes along the way….I’m always puttering around and fixing things up…I mean…it’s my blog!

I hope you enjoy your stay here..some things you may enjoy and others you may not-that’s okay.

That’s normal life.

Thanks for reading even just a little bit. I really appreciate it.