The Author

So, who is Mrs. N?

Originally from Wisconsin, Mrs. N spent thirty years in the Mariana’s Islands before moving to rural Japan six years ago. Speaking three languages, she’s working on Japanese as her fourth.  She’s a blogger, NaNoWriMo novelist and part-time freelance writer and grandmother to grandchildren who live far away.
Mrs. N loves home-style Japanese cooking, gardening, hiking, crochet and exploring Japan. She thoroughly enjoys visiting the popular travel sites, although it’s discovering quaint, out of the way places, rich in history and old world Japanese charm that is her passion.

But really….she is just an ordinary person living an ordinary life in a foreign country and trying her best-like most everyone else.

Happily married to Mr. N-they live with their beloved Maltese in rural Japan.

Side note: Mrs. N is also the survivor of severe abuse- living proof that God can heal shattered lives. ❤️