Just a note….

A while back I had a comment from someone and the comment went something like: “it must be nice to have such an easy life”. 

Many times I’ve thought about that comment and many times I wanted to say this-my past has been filled with pain. I’ve suffered severe abuse on many levels from childhood and on into my previous marriage. For the first 35 years of my life there were many times when I tried to will myself to stop breathing because I didn’t want to continue to live. I even attempted suicide. 

I’m writing this to those of you who are  perhaps suffering abuse in some form. Don’t give up. Personally I prayed and God healed my life. The healing process was a long hard road but without the supernatural help I don’t know that I could have made it out of that darkness ” alive”. 

Many don’t want to hear that or believe it. That’s their choice. All I can say is that I found truly- nothing is hopeless. Nothing. There isn’t one life that cannot be redeemed. 

The life you read about here on this blog is a life that was redeemed. Not just my life but my children’s lives. It didn’t come easy. I had to crawl forward at times. 

But here I stand today- a shattered life made whole. 

So if you have ever read my blog and felt ” envious” of my ” easy life” just know that my life now is a life made beautiful from ashes. 

I just wanted to say that because I don’t want my readers to think I’ve lived some fairytale life. Well… Perhaps Grimm’s fairytale….

6 thoughts on “Just a note….

    1. Thank you Jean. I think peace is one of the most valuable things …. I remember, one day, years later after I had healing I realized that I had peace now. It was a thing I had not experienced in my early years. It might sound so strange to some but I marveled at it. I treasured it. I still do.


    1. Me too. It was a long hard road. Sometimes I wanted to quit but I didn’t. There was always someone that crossed my path at just the right time… Sent by God seemingly… to give me enough courage to continue on. And so I did. Never give up.


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