In the Garden Today

I finally got out in the garden today. How awesome was that! After sitting around for two weeks my knee felt well enough today to get outside a bit and do some light garden work.

Sweating was awesome. I like a good sweat once in a while. Cleans out the pores and detoxes. It was scorching hot but I got out there early enough that the UV wasn’t so high. I think I was outside by about 8:30.

The semi were absolutely screaming already-as you can hear in the video. That loudspeaker you hear is the recycle truck. They come by on Friday morning and collect the bigger items like broken AC units, bikes and such.

I had an absolutely fantastic time pulling weeds, picking tomatoes, setting up a little birdbath and hanging the bird-feeder.

I talked to the Lord the whole time I was out there. I was very aware that having good, strong and healthy knees was a true blessing. I thought about people who don’t have them. People who suffer continually without hope of recovery in a few months.

I think about things like that. I’m grateful to the creator for the health that I have when I have it.

I took it easy today. As I told a friend…I went slow. So slow that a snail zipped by me and laughed. The doc said two months to full healing so that’s what I’ll go by. I’m just happy that I can do little things.

As I was picking tomatoes I spied a semi (cicada) watching me.

There were also several huge butterflies that kept me company. Luckily I didn’t meet that giant hornet that has been lumbering around the cucumbers. I think today, even if I had, it would have been okay. Really. I was just so glad to be outside for more than just a quick watering down of everything.

Everyday the garden produces this many tomatoes. Every other day I get a couple of cucumbers. Just enough for us to consume with nothing wasted.

While I’m inside and not puttering around cleaning or something I’ve been working on sort of an eclectic crochet piece for our bed. Just about everything I make is a gift for someone. This will be the first item that I am making for us.

As you can tell this post is sort of a random collection of things that have been going on around here. Which isn’t much really….. considering.

We do have a new pet of sorts.

She has taken up residence on the kitchen sliding door-in between the glass and the screen. I got a start when I opened the curtains and there she was. Actually I jumped. I made sure that she was on the outside of the glass and not on the inside.

She is actually as big as she looks.

She’s a huntsman spider. They don’t bite unless you really provoke them. They are actually pretty harmless to humans but they look scary. Believe it or not- since moving to Japan I have made my peace with spiders. I was absolutely TERRIFIED of them before. So terrified that if I saw one my automatic reaction was a blood-curdling scream. It was an automatic reflex.

But …I dunno…since coming to Japan and learning about spiders from the point of view of the Japanese culture I have made my peace with them and they with me. They still kind of give me the creeps at first glance but after I am aware that one is around I’m okay.

My husband named her Sharley.

Every Japanese house usually has a huntsman spider living in it. For sure the old houses. They help you by eating the bad bugs…right?

Hubby is such a sweetheart. He saw this pretty summer noren while he was out. He cut it for me and hung it in the genkan.

Last night I sat and made a list of all the things that I could do this summer instead of my usual exploring and wandering about in my spare time. It is amazing what a positive attitude can do for you. When you are upset I think your brain shuts down preventing you from thinking clearly. Right now I have a list of at least a dozen things that I can do while my knee heals. As a matter of fact I’m not sure if I will have time to do them all.

I have to say that this comes from prayer, reading and meditating upon scriptures and then putting that into action.

The Lord sustains me. He always has. Always will.

It’s not about religion. Not at all. It is about the power of a living God at work in a life that yields to Him out of love.

3 thoughts on “In the Garden Today

  1. My mum always said “be thankful for what you can do and don’t worry about what you can’t”. You have a very good attitude and that can be the difference between happiness and unhappiness. Your harvest is good. I’m glad you were able to be in your garden.


    1. Amen Jean! When you go to the one who has abundant resources you won’t fail 🙂

      We were so blessed this year! Despite having had weather that really wasn’t very good for the garden- we are doing ok!

      Blessings to you!


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