Japan’s Emergency Alert System

The rains, they just don’t stop.

Japan floods: 11 missing, 500,000 to evacuate after days of torrential rain in Fukuoka and Oita


Kumamoto on the left and Asakura on the right.

The JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) says that this is historical…”Biblical proportions” if you will…and as I sit and write this it is still raining. We aren’t done yet.

And…typhoon season has just arrived.

As of now there are 11 people dead. I read another report that said 20. Who’s right? I don’t know. Only the dead and their families know that answer.

Yesterday we went to the in-laws home to see how things were. I am just ever so continually thankful. The house is located very near the river which had crested. The water from the sewer overflow came up to the genkan but not in the house. My brother-in-law had placed a barrier along the driveway entrance and it helped I guess.

The JMA emergency alert system went off twice on my phone this morning. Japan has a wonderful emergency alert system that I am sure must save lives.

It is a standard part of every mobile phone-I think please someone correct me if I am wrong.

I took a few shots from my phone this morning so you can see what it looks like.

I can’t really read the Japanese well so what I do is I scan the alert message with my google translate app on my ipad. It takes me a minute or so to read it but at least I get the message.

This gives everyone that has a mobile phone the chance to get to safety. Even if you don’t have a mobile phone someone around you does!

The weather report for as far into the future as my weather app goes says…rain. The damage is unbelievable already. I can not even fathom what more rain will do. There has been so much devastation and death already.

Crops in this part have been severely damaged / destroyed. We just finished planting rice, summer vegetables and fruits.

As I type the rain just keeps falling….at the moment pounding harder, coming down in buckets.

My husband is researching how and where we can volunteer to help. Help do anything. Help those in need. I don’t know what we can do but we will find out. I can’t just sit here and say “praise God we are safe”. To me being thankful equals action -we need to get out there and do something to help those who have been devastated by this.

I know that we aren’t alone here in Japan with our disaster. In every corner of the globe it seems that is all there is…disaster in every form.

I am most thankful for the inner peace that I have. Peace during the “storm”. No matter what kind of storm may be raging.

Update: my husband called a government agency regarding volunteerism- they said it’s too dangerous yet to allow volunteers in however they are setting up a system whereby we can donate money and later on relief items. I’ll keep you posted on what we will do. 

2 thoughts on “Japan’s Emergency Alert System

  1. Thank you Jean- yes we are ok. It’s hard for us though to just go on our merry way without reaching out to those in need. We will find someway to help. Somehow we will do our part. Thanks for your concern. ❤️


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