Travel and Transitions….

I just returned from almost a month of awesome family time! The photo above is my daughter’s back yard. They bought a beautiful home in the states. It’s situated in the deep countryside surrounded by forests, rivers, farms and lots of wildlife.

Deer were everywhere.

It was such a (reverse) culture shock for me to be in a home with such a huge front and back yard. It’s so big that they have created their own family campground down at the lower end of the property-complete with a pool, campfire pit, horseshoes and more! It was such an amazing time and actually quite unexpected time. My daughter surprised me with a round-trip ticket for Mother’s Day.

The trips back and forth to the states seem to be getting longer-either that or getting older makes the trips harder. For the most part the travel went well although I have to say that the “long-haul” between Korea and my first port of entry into the USA was hard–13 1/2 hours non-stop to Atlanta is a long time for me to try and keep relatively still. Thankful that my daughter booked me in isle seats the entire flight. Getting up often helps my leg cramps.

At any rate-I’m home and from the looks of it things as they were when I left are not what they are now.

I try not to reveal too many personal family issues on my blog because the privacy of my family matters to me and it matters to them so please bear with me as I attempt to reveal what the future holds without revealing too many details. I apologize ahead of time if you ask questions that I don’t fully answer-for the sake of privacy.

There have been times where I have blogged about the possibility of us moving from this lovely little cottage home at the foot of the mountains into what is actually our home located about thirty minutes away in a smallish “nothing really happens there” town-which is actually my husband’s hometown.

This little cottage home belongs to my brother in law’s wife-actually it belonged to her parents but they passed on several years ago. We knew when we first moved to Japan that this home was only transitional as eventually we’d have to move into our home in the little town of “nothing much happens”.

While I was in the states the pages of our lives seem to have flipped forward to the next chapter.

In short- both of my husband’s parents have had a sudden and rapid decline in health. So much so that at a family meeting it was decided that they can no longer care for themselves. Very soon they will be moved from their (our) home in the town of “nothing much happens” to a situation where they will be safe. That’s all I can really say about that for privacy’s sake.

So-that means the time has come where hubby and I need to start preparing to move into a very small home in a very small town.


Interesting because recently I have really become fascinated by “tiny homes” and sort of a hobby of mine is pouring over photos and videos of tiny home living. I’ve got lots of ideas floating around in my mind about how to make the most of a very small space.

And believe me, the home is very small. Like-really small. I’m guessing that it would be considered apartment sized in the USA. Small apartment. My kitchen here is large compared to the narrow little kitchenette in our home. My mother’s apartment in the senior apartment complex that she lives in has far more space than our tiny home has. The narrow little kitchenette in our home is SO small that if I am standing at the sink and my husband passed behind me our bodies would touch-and I’m not a very large person. It has just about zero work counter space. And I mean zero. There is a teeny little area-I’d say about a foot and a half square-next to the cook top that MIL used for prep work. Other than that-no counter space.

But….I have ideas. Thankful for all my tiny-home interest lately. Thankful for Pinterest too.

There is no garden either. At least not on the property. First of all- there is no space for a garden and the teeny-tiny bit of space that is around the house is concreted.

I do envision plants in pots though.

My father-in-law has a very large proper garden plot that I could easily access by jitensha -Japanese style bicycle. It would probably take me ten minutes to bike over there. He’s been wanting me to take over his garden for a while now anyhow.

Most of you that have been reading this blog for a while now know that my faith plays a major role in the way I view life and it’s changing situations. I have come to learn that it is best not to hold onto “things” tightly. You only end up miserable when your happiness and contentment centers around your “stuff” and having that perfect living space or awesome vehicle or hefty bank account.

Or whatever-fill in the blank.

Some of you probably don’t know that several times in my life I have literally lost or had to give up all my “stuff”. That’s just the way life was dealt to me. It wasn’t because I didn’t work, made bad decisions, had some sort of destructive addiction…nope. Every single time the loss was created by a situation that was totally out of my control. I look back now and I am humbly thankful for all the practice I’ve had in having to make major adjustments in life. I’m thankful that I was able to walk through fire and come out the other end not even smelling like smoke.

This situation we are heading into is going to be balanced with things that I like/love and things I don’t like and may hate.

I know though, in the end, it will all have been for my good so, keeping that in mind, I move forward with a positive attitude.

Yeah…I’ll miss my mountain view and garden and walks. On the other hand they might even be more special because I can take the trolley here and be walking around in my favorite places within 30 minutes. I can still have little “get-away” adventures and visit friends and such. It’s not a big deal and will actually make for a special adventure day away from the town of “nothing much happens”.

I will be further from friends  but…in our new town-to-be we have many connections because most all the family lives there. I already have many opportunities waiting for me and we don’t even live there yet. There will be colorful characters to write about and the every-day life of a small town where everyone knows everyone will make for some awesome blog posts!

You know that festival? We will literally be living in it when it happens. Some of those big “floats” will pass pretty much right in front of our house.

There are lots of kids in the neighborhood. I like kids. I miss having kids around.

We will never miss another rice planting or harvesting season again because the family rice fields are within walking distance.

I could have replaced everything I wrote above with something negative but, I ma making a decision to steer clear of any negative thinking. Life is change. Make the best of it. Nothing ever stays the same.

I will end this post with a short garden update. I left to a modest garden and came home to exploding growth!

The corn that I didn’t think would grow is still plugging along.

The tomatoes have gone bonkers. I really need to get in there this weekend and tie up some of those leggy arms, cut out some of foliage. The sunflower that the birds planted has shot straight up!

The cucumbers are doing well! I’ve got bell peppers over on the other side that are growing well too. Hubby did the best he could-he is NOT a gardener so the fact that everything is still alive and well is great. It’s a bit over grown but I’ll get it back into shape soon.

That was my little harvest from just the few minutes I spent out there. There were more tomatoes but they were really cracked open because they should have been harvested already.

The forecast calls for rain so I guess I’ll have to get out there in-between the showers.

Well…it’s now a little after 7am-been up since 4. Jet lag. Going to go see about getting another pot of coffee on and then get about my day.

peace all

8 thoughts on “Travel and Transitions….

  1. I see the family connections and access to family events is cool but I cannot live in a tiny house. My friend over in Redmond, Oregon obsesses over the tiny house Pinterest sites too. But she has more stuff than I have.
    I have a lot of supplies for the hobbies I enjoy, they take up room. I know the house we live in is much too large for two of us, but I love the acre that I live on. I need space from my neighbors and I enjoy the openness of my home. You have a great positive attitude and I hope we get to read more.


    1. We don’t really have very much now- and we will have to purge some of it before moving. I’ve never put a lot of value on having a lot of ” things” so it doesn’t bother me – thankfully- because there isn’t a choice for me. This is the way it is so the best option I think is to be positive. As I said- the strength I have for changes like this comes from my Christian Faith- I pray and the ability to be content in difficult situations is supplied. That’s about the simplest way I can express it.

      The layout of the house is – well… Let’s just say that it is not something I would have chosen had I any say when the house was built. My husband being the eldest gets the home and property by default. The old house was torn down and MIL built this home in its place. It was built according to Japanese superstition and that’s why the rooms are situated as they are ( more on that later). But in short there are windows facing walls and rooms with no windows.

      But it’s ours. It’s what we have and so I will just pray for contentment with the situation. Selling it or renting it out isn’t an option. So.. I will look forward to tackling the challenge of living in a very small home and being content.


    1. Yes- I agree. Things are as they are so fighting against situations we don’t exactly like only makes it worse. Better to be positive and make the best out of any situation. Life is too short to live miserable over ” stuff” and circumstances.


  2. Another step on the journey. Bravo! for the positive attitude, and blessings on your move.
    I love the tiny house idea, although I’m not sure I could downsize enough to actually live in one– we have been in our house for 37 years, and the stuff just seems to accumulate! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with your new place 🙂


    1. Hello my dear sister~my life has been such an adventure it seems from the time I was young — I seem to live a rather nomadic lifestyle. Not because I choose that way- it just happens ! I’ve found that letting of of ” stuff” enables me to be free ” inside” and joyfully say ” yes!” When the Spirit says– guess what ? You are moving again! I know He leads and guides my path and being bogged down with ” things” would be a great hinderance to me. Funny- my daughter asked- “mom, you don’t have much to begin with, what will you purge before your move”? I said– well, whatever I don’t absolutely need I guess.

      We have time to plan so I’m beginning to research and make drawings and such- as to how I’m going create ” hidden” storage space and make the small home a place that we enjoy living. I have learned to be very adaptable and I’m looking forward to this challenge!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the idea of small houses too. The whole idea of minimizing my “stuff” really appeals to me. Once I had to confront the idea of losing everything as a hurricane barreled down onto my city several years ago. I packed the things that mattered in my car and discovered there really wasn’t too much that mattered…just my family. I know you will love your new home, I can tell by your positive attitude.


    1. Thanks ST– I know that it will be perfect for us. I’m looking forward to uncluttering my life even further. Too many ” things” distract me from what’s really important. I like ” simple”. We are looking forward to it!


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