I didn’t do much to it but the garden seems to have recovered. Once it stopped raining so much the fungus or whatever it was seems to have cleared up. I guess pinching off the diseased leaves when I did helped.

The tomatoes are standing strong at the moment….for now. You never know what can happen. A freak wind, a herd of wild bugs, cats….and that’s it. There go your vegetables.

And yes-in Japan “herd” is the correct word ….you should see the monster bugs we have here.

The cucumbers are starting to climb and flower. My experimental eggplant is flowering. Experimental because this is the first time I’ve tried growing any. I basically just “stuck” a seedling in the garden to see what would happen.

The accidental potato is coming along. This is part of a potato that I threw in the compost heap and it just started growing. Happens to me often. Sometimes my compost veggies are better than the ones in the garden proper! It isn’t too big but I left it alone. It’s growing..might get an evening’s meal out of it.

Even the corn that I thought for sure was going to die-is still puttering along.

The snap peas were a failure-I harvested the eight total pea pods and called it quits with them.

But this Passion Flower….this thing is a monster. I actually ripped this entire thing out a little over a year ago. I even dug up the root…or so I thought. Just look at it! It never gets any fruit but it does flower and boy does it grow!!

The liatris loves the new dry corner I moved it to.

And soon the ajisai will be glorious! Already the first tinges of color are emerging.

I heard the other day that the fireflies are already starting to be seen along rivers and streams. Tonight is “date night” so after dinner we will drive up to the waterfall area to see if there are any fireflies floating around.

At the moment the front garden looks nice. I rarely ever feature it in any photos because…honestly I often times neglect it and it looks wild. Today it looked rather nice.

Last week was the neighboring town’s matsuri or festival. We usually go every year but this year was a bit different. We’ve taken much more of an active role in the care of my in-laws so instead of going to the festival like we always have, together just to have fun, we took my in-laws by the arm and walked slowly with them to the festival grounds.

We saw festival participants dressed in their costumes -making their way towards the action area.

It was a gorgeous afternoon for a walk.

(trying to maneuver the “float” through extremely narrow roads)

I wasn’t able to take many photos but…the in-laws had such a great time!
On the way back to the house I saw a small purple tassel on the road…evidence that the festival floats had passed this way…



2 thoughts on “Recovery

  1. An enjoyable read, as always.
    The thing that stood out was the rope sandals. Ha! Very interesting.
    And I’ll always admire the mountains in the background.
    Continued success with your gardening!


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