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If you can read this could you kindly let me know?

Well-when I was making the decision to revert back to the free WordPress I specifically read that my readers would be redirected to the old site — at anyrate- that was not the case.

So  trying to decide who can see this. If you can see this post could you just hit the like button? That will help me decide if I want to continue this blog or not. I’ve been looking at Yola blogs..Much better deals over there.

Thanks readers. Sorry for the trouble.


Loving life in rural Japan-writer,gardener,hiker, photographer,crochet artist, chief cook and bottle washer!

11 thoughts on “If you can read this could you kindly let me know?

  1. The like button didn’t work for me – needed wordpress log on info. Please don’t stop blogging – I love your blog. Didn’t redirect me but was easy to find with a google search.


    1. Thanks Robin- these comments and likes really helped me- it as weird in this end because when I tried to view my site from my computer- I couldn’t! And I was logged in! I could get to my admin section but when I tried to ” view site” I got an error saying ” this domain is no longer active” even though I was already logged into my own site- it was really discouraging. I thought well- if no one can see me I guess that’s it. I’m do glad I thought if doing this!

      Thanks everyone. I really appreciate your support.


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