Technical Juggling

There are some changes I’m having to make to the blog. I had upgraded my blog to a premium account but honestly-it gets expensive trying to maintain it. I refuse to add a “donate” link . My blog is a hobby and I don’t expect people to pay me to do a hobby. Besides, that would put pressure on me and take all the fun out of writing here.

I’m not renewing my premium account ($$$)-but that means that I can not keep all the posts here on this blog site because I’m over quota. A free account is only allowed 3G of space.

SO…putting my thinking cap on I decided to export older posts into two other blogs. I had to split them up into 2 blog sites because of all the photos. That way I can maintain free accounts because I can make sure I am within quota.

I have placed the links to the archived posts in my link section in the left sidebar. They are already there, go ahead that try them. :)

Easy-right? The two new sites are kind of bland right now but I’ll fix them up when I have time.

ALL CURRENT POSTS WILL BE HERE ON THIS MAIN SITE. That won’t change. What will change is where the archived posts are but finding them will be as easy as clicking a link.  :)

You might see ads on this site now that I have reverted to the “free” version again. Sorry. That’s how WordPress makes money from us elcheapos. If you don’t want the ads it costs you 99USD a year.

14 thoughts on “Technical Juggling

  1. It was kind of funny- I looked at the calendar and realized that at midnight tonight my paid plan ran out! I had it in my mind to work on this last week- but … you know how time can get away from you. When I realized that I had to get it done this afternoon I ” put the pedal to the metal” as they say. Took me about 5 hours and I had both sites done , the posts exported and imported and the files deleted out of my main site. If I had not done that- anything over 3G should have vanished when my plan ran out. All that work – flushed into cyber space. Amazing what you can do when your pressured. ;)

  2. Wow, what a coincidence that I came here at this time. The reason: I am trying to build a website that I will do some digital marketing on. I build a test site using Wix. It’s easy and has all sorts of gadgets, but the one thing that you can’t do is to disply your full blog post; ie. croll down from one post to the next, to next, and so on. Each post shows one photo or block of text and then a button that you have to click that will take you to the full post. I want to minimize the clicks for ease of use.

    Sooo… I think I’m throwing in the towel on Wix. And that is why I came here, because I recalled that you were using WordPress and that your blog is quite creative. I think it’s a good example for me to look at.

    I’ll begin my research all over again with WordPress this time. I’m open for your suggestions and advice if you have any. One thing that I need to investigate is affiliate marketing. I also hear that there is a difference between and

    So much for me…

    I clicked on your archives, which is pretty cool that you are so savvy with this site!

    By the way, email me if you have some feedback and you don’t want to clutter this post any more than I’ve already done so. :)

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