Garden Puttering

We had a nice day the other day. A day of 50 some degrees tucked in-between the lower 40 days. When that happens -especially on a day when I have a bit of time-I throw on my garden duds and head outside. Even if it’s winter.

I got the shovel out and turned over the dirt. It was nice to smell it-damp and reeking of decaying leaves.


I moved the “arch” down to the end of my little bed. I figure I’ll plant the cucumbers there and let them climb up the arch. That way I can still plant things under the arch.


The sunappu endo (sugar snap peas) can climb up the other trellis. We have about 6 weeks to go before I can start planting seeds. The potatoes will go into their bags shortly after. I plan on doing much more container gardening on top of whatever I put into the ground.

On the back of the seed packs you can determine sowing times. This is horenso or spinach. I can start to sow it next month. Same goes for the sugar snap peas and komatsuna or mustard cabbage.

Got some trimming done while I was out there. Garden doesn’t look like much now but just wait. It is heavenly in the spring.

I found a way to get some help cutting down the big dead tree. We have something called The Silver Center. It’s a community organization that gives retirees a chance to do odd jobs. I was over at Mrs. NG’s house the other day and a couple of “Silver” guys were outside trimming and doing a general clean-up of her mother-in-law’s yard who now lives in a nursing home. The silver center guys had piled all the wood in a heap because Mrs. NG lives in a log-cabin house and they heat with wood.


That solves two problems-how to get the tree cut and what to do with the wood. Mrs. NG said they would take the wood.

It was interesting because she told me that they ordered their house from Canada. I was surprised to learn that their wood stove heats the entire home. Very cozy I might add. It came all precut and the company just assembled it here. It’s a typical log cabin home inside but Japanese “small”.

At any rate-Gardening has been on my mind. This is panning time.

This is a nice little video of a typical Japanese vegetable garden. Mine isn’t so neat. I have a small space and try to fit things where ever I can.


2 thoughts on “Garden Puttering

  1. Connie, I’m not a gardner, but love your pics and excitement. What does “putting potatoes into their bags” mean? Also, does Mrs. NG’s home look western inside? Just smaller?


    1. HI — I plant potatoes in bags! I don’t have enough space to plant everything in the ground so I supplement with container gardening- the potatoes grow great in bags. I’ll go thru the process here so you can see how I do it. Mrs. NG’s house looks like a mini log cabin but customized to be ” Japanese”. It reminds me of a vacation cabin- but the bath is Japanese style- toilet in its own room. The kitchen is ver small- kind of like a Japanese apartment kitchen – with Japenese appliances. It’s super cute and I want one. She told me it was Over 100 thousand to build!


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