Juanita’s questions answered

Juanita asked:

Do floor toilets still rule the bathrooms? In most public restrooms there are both floor toilets and Western style toilets. In the countryside you may find more floor toilets. I actually prefer the floor toilets!

Was there really a curfew for dancing after dark until a few years ago?I had to google this because I really didn’t know. We don’t go to bars and such. From what I read this is true. Don’t know much else about it.

Why is everything so expensive? “Everything” encompasses a lot. Certain things may be expensive but not everything. But- that also depends where you live. Tokyo is an expensive place to live. We live in the country and it is much cheaper.

We find the cost of living much cheaper here than we did in Saipan where we lived for over 35 years. For example our food bill is very reasonable. Our utilities are also very reasonable-compared to Saipan where we used to pay almost $300.00 a month just for electricity and we were uber conservative-no hot water heater, no clothes dryer, we only used the AC from around 10pm-6am (in one room) and the only thing we really had running all the time was the fridge. Coming to Japan as a tourist and actually living here are different. Tourists pay tourist prices. We know where to shop for our needs and get good prices. Certain things are expensive because of availability or perhaps because the product is imported. Did you have anything in mind that you felt was really expensive?

Why do so many people in Japan live to be over a hundred years old; is it the diet?   I would say that and actually- the entire life-style and philosophy towards health and eating habits.  People are also much more active here. Walking is a normal mode of transportation. So is riding a bike-and that includes the elderly.

People have healthy diets here compared to westerners. Yes-the diet has changed throughout the years but generally the Japanese diet is chock full of fresh vegetables of all kinds (not canned). Since we moved here I have never eaten so healthy in my life. We have a Japanese diet-lots of vegetables from the farmers market or our garden, fish, rice from our farm, we eat meat but in small portions-no huge 12 oz steaks! Portions are much smaller here. We don’t eat things like pancakes and bacon for breakfast. We almost never eat junk food. I can honestly say that in the 6 years we have lived here I have never bought a bag of chips! Never drink sodas. We do drink lots of green tea, barley tea, burdock tea etc. And exercise! We get lots of exercise. I walk to do my grocery shopping and haul it all home in a wheeled cart. My lifestyle has really changed here-for the better! I’ve adopted the life-style here and it has done me a world of good.

And yes- people here like cats. We are dog people ourselves but there are many cat lovers here.


3 thoughts on “Juanita’s questions answered

  1. Wow, I didn’t realize you had lived in Japan that long! What are floor toilets? We lived in a house that had a bidet, but we never used it. One more question… As for the Christian churches, what denomination are they? Are there Baptists, Catholics, Pentacostals, or is it nondenominational?

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