Healthy Eating-Japanese vegetables

This is a shot of a typical grocery haul for us. Notice all the fresh vegetables.


I was surfing the net not long ago and came across a photo of a typical grocery haul by a family in another country and I was startled because the table was piled high with packaged foods, junk foods, sodas and other non-nutritious foods.

It made me think about how really fortunate we are to live here. Healthy eating is not something out of the ordinary, it’s the norm. At least for us, in this area.


This is a picture of my typical breakfast: a grilled fish, scrambled eggs with onions, spinach, mushrooms or some other vegetable. Vegetable miso soup, komatsuna-wakame (mustard cabbage and seaweed) with a vinegar and sesame seed oil dressing, 50 grams of rice from our farm-topped with grated daikon radish in the photo.

Hubby eats the same. We wash it down with hot green tea.

This is kind of a typical Japanese breakfast. Add natto for hubby (I can not get past the smell).

I really enjoy cooking with all the wonderful vegetables from the farmers market.

Fresh spinach gets par-boiled, drained and squeezed. Then I cut it up and top it with dried, shaved bonito (fish).


Eggplant ready for grilling…..


Lovey vegetable miso-soup. Ingredients are Chinese cabbage, carrots, onion, wakame (seaweed). I use kombu dashi (a broth made from seaweed) as the base and then I add 2 tablespoons of miso paste. Healthy and hearty!



4 thoughts on “Healthy Eating-Japanese vegetables

  1. Thank you for this post. I’ve been very curious about “typical” family food in Japan. Your breakfast is beautiful!

  2. I just found this one. This is so cool! We just came off a 21 day Daniel fast. I had fasted before, but not the Daniel fast. I didn’t adhere to it the whole 21 days but my husband did. I did at least abstain from sweets & soda. We made several different all vegetable recipes, some were nasty but some were really yummy! I went back to my usual breakfast this a.m.; a toaster strudel , & felt sick afterward. I’m going to try to continue to eat healthier. Thank you for pics of the foods y’all eat. Did you have any problems when you first moved to Japan? Do you never drink black tea? Anita

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  3. Hi Anita- I can’t say that I had problems when we moved here because when I married my husband he really helped me to change how I ate. Ive been eating healthy for a while now but in Saipan ( Saipan is where we lived for 35 years- it is 120 miles north of Guam) a variety of vegetables was hard to come by because it is a small isolated tropical island. Local produce was limited and air flown vegetables were expensive.

    But here it’s vegetable heaven. We shop mostly at the farmer’s co-op and our garden! We strive for a very simplistic lifestyle.

    We drink green tea, burdock tea and barley tea. Those are our normal teas.

    Sometimes I ( not my husband) drink mint tea- ( I grow mint) or chamomile tea… Or if I have it – Earl Grey… Or other specialty teas that my friends give me like Sakura petal tea… But these teas are not everyday teas.

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