Farmer Green Jeans….

Winter has just begun in earnest here but I’m already thinking about the garden this coming spring. I plan on doing gardening “for real” this time. Last year and the year before I grew a few crops that really contributed to our meal preparations. I’ve learned a few things now and I think it’s time to step up the game.

I was looking through some old photos of the garden and trying to decide what I wanted to plant. I always seem to be late with panting some things but not this coming year. I’ve already spent some time consulting the elderly experts around these parts.

A photo from last spring.


My father in law told me that the sunappu endo seeds (sugar snap peas) need to go into the ground in February. I’ve got that on my list already.

I’m going to do some overhauling of the general design too. The front area gets a lot of sun but the rear of the garden doesn’t so I’ll work on redesigning everything to work with the sun. I decided to grow cucumbers that will climb up my little arch way. That will free the side trellis for the sugar snap peas. This strange little curved section is going to be enlarged because this is where the sun hangs out the most.



Those bricks need to come out and the whole area enlarged. The left side will hold the green pepper bushes. They get pretty big so I think that’s all I’ll be able to fit in that little bed.

I was out there today studying and thinking and I noticed that a few daffodils were blooming. Funny-even after six years here it is still kind of hard to get used to the different seasons.


I’ll just let the flowers grow over by the wall. Two years ago I planted ox-eye daises back in that corner and they just keep coming back year after year. I can already see all the little seedlings. I love that area all wild and colorful and bursting with flowers.


Below is a photo from when we first moved in. What a disaster.



It helps me tremendously to keep a log of my garden. Gardening can be a touchy affair. One year everything is going great and the next year nothing works out-or half goes to the bugs. I love seeing old photos of the garden because it helps me remember that I can be successful at it.

Already looking forward to getting out there and rearranging things.

A peek into my neighbor’s garden….she’s got a citrus tree. Not sure if they are edible or not. Some aren’t-way too sour. They look lovely though, don’t they?


She’s also got some bushes that are flowering. She moved into a nursing home about three years ago. Her daughter takes care of her house and garden although the garden is nothing like it was when she took care of it herself. I really miss her lovely roses and dozens upon dozens of over flowing flower pots.





9 thoughts on “Farmer Green Jeans….

  1. Snap peas in February. We have had a late frost on my moms birthday in april, but, generally, we are done in march. Then we might get some awesome weather in april that fools you into planting your brocoli too early and then they rot with the may rains. Unless you make a cold frame. Tomatoes do better planted in june. I have planted mine july 4 with much success. See if you can get the Territorial Seeds catalog-(cottage grove , oregon). Out climate is similar -they have great descriptions with good hints.
    Have fun planning.

  2. Yes- the planting season is quite different- I’m still trying to get used to it. Thankfully I have plenty of expert advice ! My father in law is an avid gardener – as are many of the elderly in our ” neighborhood” … Yep – we put the snap pea seeds in the ground in February! Isn’t that something!

  3. Our rainy season is June. I start my tomatoes inside around beginning of June and then put them in the ground around second week of July depending on the weather. Maybe earlier if it’s warm enough. The potatoes go into the bags around March and just before the rains begin in June we harvest them. Broccoli is a cold weather crop here- I don’t grow it though because we have too many pests that love it and I dont use pesticides. But yes- next month I’ll be getting seeds in the ground! The cherry trees already have tiny nodules on them. This week was the ” seven spring herb” day. I’ve got many of them growing in my garden but I just leave them.

  4. I forgot to mention- our ground does not freeze. We get a little snow at times but it rarely sticks around long. Temps during winter are usually above freezing. Mostly in the upper 30’s or lower 40’s. Many people still have gardens growing winter vegetables. I take a break over winter.

  5. I loved your before and after photo. You have shared such a great garden journey with us! Tell me, are nursing homes common in Japan? You mentioned your neighbor and that question stuck in my mind. Although I don’t have a yard, this blog, like all of your posts, has inspired me to find room in my home for some indoor planting.

  6. HI Juanita- plants, flowers…herbs… Anything living even weeds.. I love them all! Lol– it gives me such joy to see things grow-I even talk to my plants. I saw a documentary on plants once and scientists discovered that they give off certain frequencies when we interact with them! How awesome!
    Yes- Japan actually has amazing and wonderful nursing homes. Many elderly are cared for at home but sometimes it’s just not possible. My husband’s grandfather was in a nursing home and he enjoyed it. They have various activities for everyone, little festivals, special days.. It’s really lovely actually.

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