My Trip to Nagamatsu Byouin

For those who don’t live in Japan or haven’t any experience with it -reading the title you might think I went on some wonderful trip to visit ancient shrines along a wonderfully scenic river or tucked into a forlorn little valley shrouded by mists.

I wish.

I woke up this morning with the worst sore throat I’ve had in years. So bad that I was close to tears. It had been creeping up on me all week long. Started out as just an irritation that grew worse each day. Yesterday I had an inkling that something might not be right when my joints started to ache and I felt so run-down. More than just tired. Terrible sore throat and body aches usually equal strep. I knew it was time to pay Nagamatsu-sensei a visit.

Byouin-the Japanese word for “hospital”-however even small clinics are commonly called byouin also.

Nagamatsu Byouin is one of the small local clinics about a ten minute walk from the house-named after the doctor that owns the clinic. A curious little man. I have often wondered what he is really like.

He runs a small clinic that has been here for years-some love it some hate it. A friend of mine cringes every time I tell her I’ve been there. Swears he is just a quack. I have had only good experiences there.

By good I mean-he heals me. I went to another clinic once (twice I think) because well, frankly I was a little worried after my friend tried to deter me. Both times I ended up having to make a second trip to the doctor. The second trip was always to Nagamatsu Byouin.

If you want fast service-Nagamatsu Byouin is the place to go. No frills, no chit-chat-in and out service. But-I can’t complain because the first visit cures whatever it is I had.

This is today’s medicine haul- four kinds of tablets and some liquid that I have to mix in a cup with water and gargle.


My “English” notes on the stickies. I know the antibiotic, the liquid and the white envelope with “pain and fever meds” but I’m not sure what the others are for. Hubby did the talking today because I couldn’t talk. Or think.

The whole visit took me about 15 minutes. I like that-in and out. Especially when I’m feeling really terrible.

Today’s plan of osoji was cancelled. Hubby went alone to the in-laws to help clean windows. My genkan floor still needs cleaning but it can wait I suppose. I hope the gods of new year will forgive me for not cleaning it.

I worked a bit on two blankets that I am making. The grey and white one is a baby blanket for a great-grandchild that I am sure will be coming along soon (I’m getting a head start). The rainbow one is for another grandchild that is several years old already. I started it a while ago and just stopped working on it. The yarn is a bit difficult and every once and a while I need to lay it aside to take a break.

I think we will set up the kagami mochi tonight and hang the shimekazari over the genkan door tomorrow — after I’ve swept it. I did get the deep closet cleaning done so I think that counts.

Now to get up from under the cozy kotatsu and make a steaming pot of curry for hubby. I don’t think my throat can handle that so it’s rice gruel for me.


9 thoughts on “My Trip to Nagamatsu Byouin

  1. Prayers for a quick recovery so you can enjoy the holidays. I like those in-n-out doctors here, too. No one wants to sit around at the doctor’s office when they are feeling bad. Get well soon, dear Connie!

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