Our Church here in Japan

Last Sunday our pastor held a special service for the children that attend the kindergarten that is attached to the church. The children are mostly from non-Christian homes- Japan is 1% Christian. For the kids to even be attending the kindergarten in the first place is awesome.

If you talk about “Jesus” around these parts most people have never heard of him or have sort of heard of him. They know absolutely nothing of the Bible much less who Jesus was. Not long ago I had someone ask me if Santa was the Christian god. Really.

Our pastor has his work cut out for him trying to explain Bible stories that are so culturally different people can’t imagine what he is trying to tell them. Even in their own language. Many times there are no direct translations of words so it’s hard to get the point across.

On Sunday pastor stood in the front and had big colorful picture teaching cards that he held up in front of him while he told the nativity story to the children and some parents that came.


Without visuals it is really difficult to try and tell children about the various Bible stories. Pastor did a great job telling the story with a fantastic animated voice. The kids really listened to him. So did the parents.



It isn’t easy for Japanese to become Christians. Their culture and  religion is ingrained into every aspect of their lives. That’s all I will say about it. Things are the way they are here and I have seen that God is blessing this church.

Christians now a day spend too much time arguing over what is and isn’t the way to lead others to Jesus….and not enough time loving. There is a lot of love in this church. It isn’t the kind of church I imagined God would pick out for us but I know beyond a shadow of a doubt it is where we belong. It is an Anglican church. Many things are different from what I am used to but that’s OKAY-the point is we have fellowship with other believers in JAPAN. We concentrate on loving each other and helping our community where we can.  I’m thankful.


7 thoughts on “Our Church here in Japan

  1. It is observations like yours that bring the question of salvation to my mind. Age old, but according to many, these people are doomed to hell because they don’t know Jesus. I’m Christian, but have always struggled to understand the ticket to heaven or hell. Thank you for sharing Connie.
    Oh, and I agree… continue the loving (versus nagging) in order to be a good witness.

  2. Hi Anita! I’m always amazed at what I see the Lord doing in the quiet places. We were all once lost. I always try to remember that. The ticket will always be Jesus-in any language or culture. Each culture has its various stumbling blocks and bandages I suppose but in the end it’s all the same. The road is narrow and its named Jesus (in English).

  3. It’s hard to believe there is only 1% Christians! I am praying for your church. You must be a “missionary” the Lord has sent to Japan. 🙂

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