That time of Year Again

As I’ve said before the time before New Year is a busy time in Japan. Wrapping up the old and getting ready for the new. There are a lot of year-end parties going on- although I don’t have any on my schedule to go to. Hubby does.

My year end schedule consists of getting the osoji ( big cleaning) completed. It is customary to do a general cleaning and get did of this year’s grime before ringing in the new year. Not that we have a lot of grime to get rid of. I will say that old Japanese houses are magnets for dust and mold though. No matter what I do I just can’t keep this house clean.

This past weekend was spent on osoji activities. Three closets were cleaned and rearranged and we even got the pole installed in the big futon closet that we use for a clothes closet. Japanese homes are lacking in closet space. They have big huge closets that are meant for storing futons….but not for clothing.

We now have a huge pile of futons and other items that are bound for the dump. It is difficult to throw out these sorts of items here and I suppose that is why many homes here are liked high with junk because it’s so hard to throw them out. It’s not cheap to get rid of garbage in Japan. The futons need to be dumped because they are old and dusty and beyond cleaning- they belonged to my sister in law’s mom.

The supermarkets have kagami mochi on display…. these were cute. More about New Year traditions later…

Tonight we went out to our favorite family restaurant and four big sumo wrestlers were there for dinner.

They sat in the next booth. You can see the traditional hairstyle peeking over the booth divider.

They were nice enough to take a photo with me…I’m actually a fan of sumo wrestling. I have a friend in town whose son is a famous sumo- Kaiyo Hiroyuki. There is a big statue of him in front of the train station.

Looking forward to getting the cleaning and such behind me. Pardon the rather blah post. The daily grind is exhausting even here.


4 thoughts on “That time of Year Again

  1. I enjoyed your post! Those Sumo wrestlers are very interesting….great photo opportunity too =) Have a good day, Maggie Ann

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