A Frugal Christmas…

We celebrate Christmas. Although history and Biblical scholars say that Christ was not born on December 25th – it is the day that the Christian world celebrates our Lord’s birth. You may or may not agree. That’s OKAY. For us, having moved to Japan which is around 1% Christian it gives us an opportunity to share Christ with others.

We do give gifts to our grandchildren and our children….of which we have MANY. The last I counted we had 28 grandchildren with one more on the way. We try to give everyone a little something. This year is a bit more difficult than other years so I decided that the gift theme is “It’s a Daiso and homemade Christmas” !

Daiso is the Japanese version of the dollar store but WAY better. You can actually find some cool, fun and interesting things at Daiso.

I’m also crafting things. Each item has grandma’s heart woven into it. I found some inexpensive blanket material that I put a crochet edging around. I’m going to make little flowers to sew to the four corners.

I used a roll of Caron Cakes and made a crochet bag. When I was in the states my grandson and his wife sent me a surprise package of several rolls of the “latest” yarn fad..Caron Cakes..love it!


Ive got a scarf in the works from another roll of Caron Cakes and I’m making tea wallets…that’s just a start. Every bit of spare time and then some will be spent in gramma’s Christmas workshop.


Even though it takes a lot of time and hard work I love making gifts for my family. My daughter told me a story about one of my granddaughters. I had made her a crochet bag several years ago and she hauled that bag everywhere telling everyone that her gramma made it for her and that there was no other bag like it. She valued it because I made it. That really touched my heart. It made me think of the old days…when handmade items were treasured.

I have several items that are hand crafted by my mother and my aunt. Every time I hold these items I recall memories of them. My aunt is no longer living but her memory lives on in my heart and through the items she lovingly made for us.

Christmas decor has caught on here. We were at the farmer’s market last weekend and they had this big display at the entrance.


The mall has a huge tree set up with lots of decorations through out the halls and stores.


We like hanging out at the mall during this time of the year..gives us a feeling of “normalcy”. My husband loves Christmas. It was through celebrating Christmas throughout the years that he learned about Christ and after years of thinking, watching and praying privately (I had no idea what was going on in his mind) he decided to give his life to Christ.

Tomorrow is the first Sunday of advent so we are looking forward to celebrating it with our church family at Christ Church.

Life has changed so much from when we first moved here. So many blessings have been given. I am truly thankful.


9 thoughts on “A Frugal Christmas…

  1. Hello Connie – your new blog look is so wonderfully wintry and I love it! You sound very happy with life these days. Blessings to you and yours as we enter the Christmas season.


  2. Your blog dressed for winter looks lovely, friend Connie. Yours is the only Christmas post I will like, as over the years, as Christians, we have left this season behind. I was so happy to hear about your husband, your granddaughter’s love of her homemade gift, and to see your handwork. Lord bless you, Maria


  3. 28 grandkids. Wow. That will definitely keep you happy and busy crafting!
    I was at the mall on Friday and was floored when I saw those Black Friday signs all over the place. Japan has never had Black Friday before. I’m sure the average Japanese person is wondering just what it means. I’m pretty sure my elderly in-laws have no idea what it is. I thought it was uniquely American as it is directly related to the Thanksgiving holiday. Well, if we can get a good deal, all the better, I say!


    1. Crafting for them makes me feel -how shall I say…like I’m actively involved in their lives. That’s so important to me. I saw those Black Friday signs too and I went…huh? I guess I also wished they would have come up with something unique…you are right- no one here even gets it and in fact some thinks it’s…strange.


  4. I love getting handmade items, especially from my students. Love your winter theme, although I’m not ready for the cold and snow. Preparing for my Christmas trip to Japan. Can’t wait!!


    1. You are coming here?! Awesome! You will be in Kyushu–right? How fun! leave me your email address in a separate post- I won’t publish it. I’ll delete it after I get your address.


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