The Autumn Fog

We have officially entered the doldrums here. Kyushu autumn and winters are one long dreary affair. Of course one can do things to brighten the days , which I usually do. But if you relied solely on the weather you’d be out of luck.

These days are wonderful though for conjuring up all sorts of stories. There is this certain mystery in the air. I especially love it when a thick fog hangs over everything. It sets the imagination rolling. Makes photography a lot of fun.

Yesterday morning was such a morning when the entire area was shrouded in a misty haze.


It hung so thick that you could barely see past the garden wall. I never noticed the cobwebs until now when little drops of moisture clung to the fine strands of web making them visible against the foggy background.



I could even make out all the webs that clung to the neighbor’s house. I never knew there were so many. Amazing, when other things are hidden the hidden things come to light.


I’ve made my peace with spiders since moving here. I used to be terrified of them like many. I’ve learned to view them differently. In Japan spiders are our friends -eating harmful insects for dinner and keeping them out of our dinners. These pictured here are harmless garden spiders. We have resident house spiders-huntsman spiders. Everyone has them just about. I give ours names and they become less frightening to me. Right now we have Sharley and her children living with us. My husband named her. She is quite large-about as big as my hand but skinnier. I know-I can hear some of you gasping. I assure you that’s just how I felt at first. You’d be surprised at what you can overcome and learn to accept when you don’t have a choice. Japanese never kill house spiders. That would be bad luck.

While I was out photographing the garden I heard shuffling coming up the road. Then I heard someone singing a marching song so I hid behind the bushes (really). I figured there was an interesting photo op coming up.


I was not disappointed. It was our neighbor. His wife is almost completely blind and she also still walks the road. It frightens me- I always worry about her. This is her husband. I don’t know them personally as they live a ways down the road but my other neighbors tell me that they are probably the nicest people in the neighborhood. I’m thinking about bringing them a fruit basket or something for Christmas. They don’t celebrate Christmas but that’s okay.


He was singing his marching song as he shuffled slowly up the road. I heard him continue to sing it as he disappeared into the mist….



8 thoughts on “The Autumn Fog

  1. I was raised not to kill spiders which means I had a total understanding about allowing them to live forever in our homes while reading your blog. My father’s people who are Native American taught me about spiders and how they play many roles in the spirit world and yes, it is bad luck to kill them. My recent spider guest is a daddy-long-legs named Earl.

  2. You are so lucky to have fog! I just love foggy mornings/days and miss them dreadfully. I rarely encounter fog here. Walking in the fog is one of my favorite things to do.
    I haven’t become accustomed to spiders yet, especially the huntsmans . You must be very understanding to give them names!

  3. Nice! I like foggy days, also, for the same reasons as you. You got a couple of marvelous spider-web shots; I don’t mind outside spiders, but I don’t like having spiders in my house! :)

  4. We get a lot of fog this time of year too. I don’t kill many spiders although I might vacumn them up – sorry. I’m highly allergic and get bad welts that last forever from some spider bites.

  5. I like the fog too…makes everything look dreamy. I used to be terrified of spiders…but..thankfully I have overcome that. Names help me …they are not so scary then.

  6. Nice name for a spider! Yes- Japanese do not kill spiders. It was hard to get used to at first and I’ll admit a few were flattened by me in years past….

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