Where is Mrs. N?

My sincere apologies! Life has been very busy.

I have been working on several articles for various travel sites.

My mother is ill so I will be taking an unexpected trip to the “states” very shortly


I have been madly preparing for this year’s NaNoWriMo challenge in November. Due to my unexpected travel  I’ve had to work furiously on “NaNo” prep.


The autumn here – if you can call it that- is taking its good ole’ time arriving. Last week we had temperatures up near 100 degrees. It was terrible. A few days ago a super typhoon roared past us and suddenly veered at the last moment slamming into Korea with devastating fury. We were quite fortunate. Had it hit us I would probably not be writing this blog post as my computer would be strewn from here to “who knows where” along with all my other worldly possessions. The damage from the storm was catastrophic.

The rice harvest is in full swing here.


Some fields have been harvested before others. I noticed that our town seems to be ahead of other towns about 30 minutes away. It just seems odd with the warm temperatures. Actually-from what I read-things seem od all over the planet.

I have an announcement:


I “may” do an update here and there but I’m guessing all my writing concentration will be focused on NaNoWriMo. Sorry. I’m not sure if I can do updates when I travel.

I apologize for the hurried post.

I hope everyone is doing well!


8 thoughts on “Where is Mrs. N?

  1. Yes, the selfish part of me misses your stories. But the writer in me is excited about your involvement in NaNoWriMo and I look forward to your return in November, even though we have lots of October days remaining. I never saw pictures of rice when it was ready for harvest before. Thank you so much for posting those. I am learning a lot about Japan from your blog. I thought about you when I saw that typhoon was so close. I pray things will go well with your mother’s health, and that you have a safe trip to the States, and home again.

  2. Have a safe journey to the states. Wishing the best for her. Will miss your “ordinary life.” It’s much more interesting than mine!!

    Safe journey

  3. I am very sorry about your mother. :-( I will pray for her.

    I like your new blog colors, very autumny. Also love the photo of the scarecrow!

  4. Hi Juanita, I will try to post in November- really I will. I know from the past that during NaNo month my writing is usually focused in one area. That being said- perhaps a blog post here and there might be necessary to give my brain a rest from the frenzy!

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