13 thoughts on “GET READY!

  1. Never worked so hard in my life as November 2007 when I participated in this. i did get my 50,000 words but the story was not finished and is still in my desk drawer somewhere! I wish you well, and an enjoyable time. I’m sure you will be more organized about novel writing than I was!


    1. I also participated in 2007 and I completed my first draft. I’m excited to try again. The best part of NaNoWriMo is not having to be worried about anything but just writing. No stress regarding perfection- it’s all about getting out that first rough draft!


    1. I participated in 2007 and completed my novel. I’m only now working on editing! I think it was good to step away from it for a while because I was very emotionally attached to it- being my first .. I’m excited to do it again. I’ve tried a few times but there were many family and life events that took up too much time.this year I think I can do it.

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        1. That is my goal now, to go through the first draft and clean it up. It’s a preteen/ teen ( maybe even adults will like it) fiction. It’s fantasy fiction. I read the rough draft to my 6th grade class and they all say still , on the edge of their seats when story reading time came- there were 12 boys and 2 girls in my class. That was my litmus test. I figured, if this group of kids liked the rough draft so much that they actually listened and begged me to continue when I’d stop… Then the draft was worth editing…. Lol

          The philosophy of NaNoWriMo is such that it really helps you cast aside worrying about perfection. It helps unlock that creative place within me where I let the story just flow… I’m a panster by nature but this year I’m working on a loose outline for this second book. I want to test and see if there is any difference for me.

          Are you going to join?

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          1. That sounds good, Mrs. N – your enthusiasm, the positive influence of NaNoWriMo, and the reaction of the children! I wrote fantasy and fairytales but said goodbye to this part of my life. Someday I hope to share about this on my blog. Wish I could participate as something to share with you as a new friend. Your gifted, Connie. Your blog – reading it – is a kind of vacation for me.


  2. Connie – I’m planning to take part in NaNoWriMo this year. I’ve been toying with a speculative fiction novel for a few years now and think this is the time to seriously get on with it! My friend took part a few years ago and got her novel published so that was definitely inspirational. If you’re still looking for a writing buddy, I’d be honoured! All the best with your writing/editing regardless.


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