It’s so incredibly hot that I’ve given up most of my gardening except for my tomatoes. Yesterday it was 117 degrees F with the heat index. It’s cooler today, only 105.

Ive raised these from seed and they are doing wonderful. I get a basket of tomatoes every morning. 

My efforts to hand pollinate yielded one kabocha. The first try at growing them. I learned a lot.

I’ve also got seen peppers growing but they are slow this year. Last year we had them coming out our ears. 

The cucumbers are done now. I need to go out and take down the vine. Maybe when it’s cooler……

2 thoughts on “Garden

  1. Your corn grass weeds look like our weeds! How did your screening/netting go this year – as far as protecting your plants from Japanese bugs?? Mu cherry tomatoes are going gang busters even though we have had a cooler than normal summer- back to 80’s again this week with one day going above and beyond. This has been my favorite summer in years – allowing me to bike to work and not die of heat stroke.


    1. I had zero time to net my garden. We had kids and grandkids for a month and I was just too busy to do anything in my garden except water my plants! Everything was ok though!


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