Not far from our house up towards the Ryuokyo Falls area and the trails that lead up Mt. Shakudake is a gorgeous restaurant named Wabisuke.

I discovered it when my ladies group treated me to a birthday lunch there about two years ago.

It is a restored farm house-over a hundred years old. I went up there last Sunday to take a few photos for an article I was writing and I have a few “left-over” photos that I thought I’d post here. IMG_2891

The roof was thatched the first time that I visited. Just recently the owner put this “modern” roof on the building. To constantly repair and replace the thatch is extremely expensive. Skilled craftsmen that actually do that kind of work are difficult to find. The last typhoon we had did some damage to the roof so I don’t blame the owner for deciding upon a stronger one.

IMG_2894The inside “ceiling” is still authentic with huge log beams and thatch. Sorry-these are not the greatest photos-the good ones will be published with the article. You can still see that the interior is awesome.

IMG_2901IMG_2903I was fortunate to go when I did as they were getting ready for some sort of occasion. The food had already been set out. The restaurant specializes in mostly vegetarian dishes and ritual foods for Buddhist ceremonies.

This is the formal tatami room that is usually only used for larger reservations. Today the entire restaurant was reserved and every table had been set.


Even the Tea Ceremony room was being utilized. The owner was very gracious and kind in allowing me to “pop in” and take pictures. I need to remember to get up there with a thank-you gift for him.

The restaurant is located at the foot of Shakudake amid rice paddies, bamboo thickets, ponds and gurgling streams.


It is truly heavenly up here. I treasure living in such a beautiful area. Soon these fresh and clean little streams will be teeming with fireflies.

If you follow these streams further up the mountain you can drink the water. In fact along the trail you’ll spy pipes sticking out of the rock here and there with a cup tied to them. If you see that water is flowing from the pipe you can drink it. I have several times without a problem.

More little things I love about living here.

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