Where is your sanctuary? 

Mine is here in my hodge-podge little garden. It’s my favorite place in the cool early mornings. It’s not very fancy or well ordered but, that’s ok. 

It is a reflection of my life in a way. A joining of odds and ends, growth, weeding out, planting new, watering….

Seedlings, mature plants, fading plants and eventually dead plants. I see my life here so many times. 

I talk to God here. I work through issues, I rejoice, contemplate, weep and rest here. 

I have learned to face reality and come to terms with life issues….in the stillness of my morning garden.

2 thoughts on “Where is your sanctuary? 

  1. I recently started taiko lessons here in L.A. – the school has become a “sanctuary” of sorts for me, helps me be centered, calms me from the hectic pace of worklife!


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