The winds of change….

We never know what life will bring. If I’ve learned one thing in this life so far it is -do not hold onto anything too tightly. I am thankful that over the years I have been molded into a person who is fairly flexible, not materialistic and easily adaptable. The way my life has gone- these attributes were necessary for navigating the roads ahead.

It looks like soon, in the very near future we will be moving away from our beautiful little home at the foot of the mountains to Mr. N’s hometown so that we can assist the family in caring for aging parents. Aging and ill parents one of which was given a diagnosis with the “c” word in it today. We all gathered at the hospital for moral support as the diagnosis was given. A very hard day indeed.

So many decisions to be made. So many changes….

I have peace with the decision to move. Moving into the position of caregiver isn’t going to be easy I know. Life isn’t about personal happiness-it’s about love.

We can’t “enjoy the view” while the rest of the family pitches in to care for aging parents.

How soon? I don’t know…we are working on it. It will all fall into place.

A new road. New challenges. New lessons to be learned.

That’s ok. That’s life.


24 thoughts on “The winds of change….

  1. Hello Mrs. N, I’m delighted to have found your blog. I have never lived outside of the US, nor traveled to Japan. I love how you present “ordinary life” in Japan through a lens I can understand. And I love your photos, always.
    Susan S

  2. Care giver…a giver of care…the noble truth. What a blessing to be able to show this compassion. And every one of us faces this time. Through offering this care we end up having no regrets. Sorry to hear you must leave the home you have created and know you will do the best to make another place for yourself.

  3. I’m honored to be given the chance to do this. Everything is only temporary…. So moving on from here… It’s alright by me.

  4. I love your statement “Life isnt about personal happiness, it’s about love.” So true. Blessings and prayers to your family.

  5. Such an inspiring way to view this change. I wish you all the best as your life enters this new chapter and the strength to met any challenge on the way.

  6. Hi- no garden – we will be moving into town and the home that I think we will try to rent is boxed in between several others.

  7. I don’t have any words of wisdom for you, only a big hug and an offer of a shoulder to lean on whenever you need it. Caring for aging parents is difficult, but rewarding in knowing that you can repay them for all the years they cared for you. I’m always here for you.

  8. I know God will give you the love, wisdom, and strength you need for each day, Connie. It is both a trial and a blessing to care for those who need it…

  9. Thinking of you during this difficult time. So sorry to hear your family is ill. Your attitude and caring support is a wonderful tribute to you. Please know I’ll be thinking of you. I enjoy your blog, and you NEVER lead an ordinary life. Your walking adventures and daily stories and fun and show a side of Japan I’ve not seen. Please keep blogging. Know your readers care about you.

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