Just a walk….

I saw in the weather report that within a day or two it looks like our rainy season will begin. Today was such a beautiful day that I figured I’d better not waste it sitting in the house.

It was hot -around 85. To be honest I didn’t feel much like walking around but I knew it would be good for my mental health so-off I went.

Today I decided to go into the countryside instead of town.


Here is where I had to decide-go up the mountain or wander around in the farm area? I chose the farms. I wanted to see how everyone’s cottage gardens were doing and how far the farmers were with rice planting preparation.

Every little space is utilized. I saw that many plots were either being plowed or had been already. I think my FIL will begin planting next month.

I happened to spot an apiary.

IMG_2844I’ve meandered past this place before but never saw the beehives. I could see the bees swarming around their hives-actually I could hear them too and I had this overwhelming urge to walk over there.

Crazy, I know but despite being allergic to bees I love them.

Even if I wasn’t allergic to them I still wouldn’t really walk over there…I am pretty sure the farmer wouldn’t appreciate me doing that. It makes me wonder though-who owns them? I’d love to buy some honey!

This area is pretty well in the boondocks, a place I’d love to own a house.

IMG_2847Cottage gardens everywhere.

IMG_2862 Not far from the ancient pond where I sometimes linger and listen to the frogs…and watch the fish bob up out of the murky depths to gulp a bug that was floating on the surface.


This is a good place to wander and think…



I wandered all the way around this area and then decided to trek over to the tea shop on the other side of the valley-a fair distance. It took me about an hour from here just to get there but it was on the way home-sorta.

I had a hankering for a matcha-soft cream. The tea shop is fairly large and sells home-made foods from around the area. I saw honey while I was there…expensive though. I didn’t buy it because it was heavy and I had my bag and camera with me. On foot you’d be surprised how heavy a small item becomes after a few minutes.

I ate my matcha-soft cream and gazed over the valley. I had a lot to think about today.


I spent a few minutes resting and then headed down the road for home-about a 40 minute walk.

Now the rains can come.

6 thoughts on “Just a walk….

  1. This is so perfect to capture what Japan means to so many of us. Just to walk around the local farm areas and feel the sense of place. And matcha soft ice cream..a bonus. I clearly remember the ice shaving cones with sweet syrupy flavors during those extremely hot humid days. Only India was so unbearably hot and humid during the summer rains.I think I remember you have figured out the a/c. It took me almost a year to figure that one out. The sense of place and growing things….home. I will send you some photos of our place soon. It is not humid but can get hot. I also remember laying on tatami mats on the second floor, windows wide open, a small fan, insect sounds and knowing this is but one season. The snows will come as they do every year and I will be sitting by the kotatsu drinking hot tea and thinking of summers yet to come. Seasons mean so much to me in Japan.Celebrations and good things to eat. Thanks for the walk and photos…the best of Japan.



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