Why I Write

WordPress has a number of awesome challenges, workshops and writing activities for its bloggers. Here and there I see something that interests me so I participate. Right now there is a 20 day challenge going on that I want to try although I’m not sure if I’ll take up all 20 challenges in a row. I’ll probably write at my own pace.

The first writing prompt in the challenge is:

Why Do You Write?

The answer to that question wells up from a place where I go…that no one else (but God) can access. That probably sounds strange to some and yet others are nodding their heads.

There is so much that happens to me internally and writing  is a way for me to express at least some of it. I can’t help but write. I have to. I carry some type of writing instrument with me- always. I panic if I leave home without a pen or a pencil and a small notebook.

In an emergency an eyebrow pencil and the back of a receipt will do.

I’ve written a young readers novel. That came out of my imagination and actually – dreams I’ve had. I wrote that during NaNoWriMo. Some of the most fun I’ve ever had! That story just flowed out of me. It’s still sitting in raw form- just the way it came out of my fingers. I should edit it but everything else gets in the way…

But- that’s why I write. I can’t help but write. It’s a part of who I am.

I’m a writer in my DNA.




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I really enjoy reading your comments or just seeing that you "liked" the post. It encourages me to write more.

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