Stumbled upon a quilt shop

This post will be of interest to a couple of ladies that I know…..As I was taking a little walk today and going no-where in particular I came to a crossroad and basically “flipped a coin” to decided which way I should go.

Humm…left into the deep countryside? Right into town?

Right it was…into town. Good thing too because it was already around 3:00pm and a little late to be venturing into the boondocks.

At first I thought I’d walk to the “big Daiso” and pick up a few things that I don’t really need. Daiso kind of has that effect on you….it’s loaded with awesome cheap stuff and you end up finding things you never knew you needed and probably don’t but they are cool to have.

As I started on the road to Daiso I suddenly lost the urge to go there. Call me fickle. I made a U-turn and decided to visit the restroom at our local supermarket. It’s post-menopause…you always need the rest room.

I cut across a side street that I don’t normally take and out of the corner of my eye I saw….a quilt hanging in a little shop…and then I noticed more quilts…and fabric…

At first I kept waking! I know! Can you believe that? After about 20 paces I came to my senses and quickly backtracked. Goodness….I scared myself there for a moment when I almost walked past that shop and kept going!

YES! It’s a fabric / quilt shop!


The owner was just so nice! We chatted very easily and I felt very comfortable with her. We even joked which was awesome. I really felt like I could just be “me”.


Here she is standing in her handmade apron while a customer inspects fabric. Almost everything in the shop was made by her. She did have some antique quilts from the States-over 100 years old! They were awesome! That brought up Amish quilts of which she is a fan.

She had the most adorable items on display. Some were not for sale because I tried peeking for prices. I really loved that bird wall hanging pictured above. I also loved all the quilted bags she had on display. I just loved everything.



Her little shop was so artfully arranged that it reminded me of the Japanese craft and home magazines that I love to browse through. She has excellent taste.


The patchwork curtains were just so cute-gave me an idea….


As we chatted it came to my mind to ask her if she gave lessons because I’ve learned that many of these little specialty places offer “lessons”.

She absolutely did! I walked out of there signed up for bi-weekly quilting lessons! Her lesson prices are very reasonable-3,000 yen for 4 hours. That’s twice a month- 2 hours each lesson-which is more than enough for me because I have a full schedule.

So I’m excited to learn Japanese quilting and patchwork and whatever else we will learn. I’m also excited to be able to make a new friend with the same interest. Making friends can be a very difficult thing here.

Her shop is called MI-MOSA….as in the flower. She has a basket full of dried Mi-Mosa in the entrance.

She’s a lovely lady and I’m really looking forward to learning from her.



12 thoughts on “Stumbled upon a quilt shop

    1. I knew you would like this post! And it’s funny..she’s been there for a year and I never knew…today was the perfect day for me to “find her”….for many reasons!

      Yes-she is VERY reasonable. I saw similar classes advertised at AEON in Pandora but I never felt the urge to join any of them. This little shop is so welcoming and “fun” that I knew it was just perfect.


  1. I enjoy your blog, I don’t always have time to read it, but glad I did today! I’m not in a foreign country but it seems just as hard to find friends here ( in North Carolina! / I’m from Florida.) anyway, I love walking and discovering and fabrics & pretty things, & I love Japan, so thank you for blogging! Anita


    1. HI Anita! Thanks for stopping by! It’s really hard to make friends here. I think this class will be good for me in several ways. I’m looking forward to it! Again- thanks for your comment!


  2. Your little town is officially on my list of places to visit. Way to go, Connie!
    You will enjoy your quilt fellowship. I look forward to seeing your progress.


    1. Was it the quilt shop that did it? lol
      I could not resist when she said that she gave lessons. It’s going to be interesting because my Japanese is limited and she speaks about zero English. BUT as I said in another response to a comment…this will be good for me in several ways. I promise to post progress….even if it’s slow.


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