Well the weatherman hasn’t announced it yet but I have a hunch we are already into the rainy season. I mean-when it rains more days than not and it’s around that time of the year you can fairly well assume that the rainy season has come.

I think when you become a gardener you notice these things more.

Some plants are enjoying the rain and some aren’t. Oh well.

Mother’s day came and went. My allergies have been bugging me so I didn’t have a good day-I would have rather stayed home and rested but hubby wanted to take me somewhere so we ended up down by the seaside. This isn’t too far from us. We stumbled upon it about two years ago while out on a drive. Very different scenery from what I see everyday.

That didn’t help much as it only reminded me of Saipan which reminded me of the kids and grand-kids which reminded me that I miss them. I guess it was time for a good cry anyhow and the beach is a fairly good place to cry.

After a time of letting it all out….hubby managed to get me laughing again. Honestly-I don’t know what I’d do without him. I’ve never met a kinder man. He always seems to get me back to what’s important which is just what he did that day. And like he always does he got me to thinking about my blessings-of which I have more than I can even list.

I sit here in my little writing nook next to the bay window. I love these days…rainy. The heads of Mrs. Umbrella’s roses hang heavy. Her garden has become a bit unruly since she left. Oh, I didn’t tell you? Two winters ago it was terribly cold and she took a fall in her home. For those that are new “Mrs. Umbrella” (not her real name) was my 83 year old neighbor. She was quite spry and lived alone but after she fell her son, a doctor, decided that she should not live alone anymore so he packed her up and moved her to his home. I heard she is quite happy.

She was an avid flower gardener. Early in the morning I could hear the squeak of her garden tap along with the bumping of plastic watering cans. There was not a leaf out of place in her little pristine little yard. Her daughter comes over once and a while to care for the house and the garden but it has largely gone wild.


I rather like it though.

The once rail thin rose bushes are now bursting! Stick straight hedges have curves and little flower beds are havens for all sorts of self-seeded beauties. It rather matches my little cottage garden now. I’m sure Mrs. Umbrella would be horrified but ….it’s as if the little garden is joyful now that it has been set free from rigid lines and strict cleanliness.

I can almost hear the flowers giggle.

A few days ago I was out in my own garden and I peered over the wall to see at least five cats strolling, laying and frisking about Mrs. Umbrella’s garden. They looked as if they were having the time of their lives! That would never happen if she was there.

I don’t hate cats but I’m not really fond of them either. They dig up my seedlings and poop in my garden. In the summer if I’m not diligent at scaring them away I can barely open my windows because it smells so bad. When they saw me watching them the whole lot of them stopped and stared at me. We looked at each other for a long while…..I’m secretly glad they have someplace else to “go” now.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about this blog. I want to write more but sometimes it’s a real effort to come up with “new, fun and exciting posts”….I mean-life is routine no matter where you live. Contrary to popular belief foreign wives really aren’t perpetual tourists.

So I’ve decided to take a new approach and just write…about whatever because- writing helps me.

The blog look has changed again-It’s okay…you can roll your eyeballs. I liked the other look but honestly-I didn’t feel like it entirely fit my personality which is kind of quirky and laid back. Not ever too sophisticated.

I like doo-dads and fun happy things…so this fits..for now. It’s also foreign-wife “writerish”.






I really enjoy reading your comments or just seeing that you "liked" the post. It encourages me to write more.

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