Life as it is…

First a bit about the earthquake…..Every time I see images of the destruction that happened not too far from here I thank God that we were saved from that. But at the same time that I’m thanking God I am thinking of the suffering that the folks in Kumamoto are going through.

Last week during ladies group Mrs. N brought up a map on her iPhone. The main topic of course the entire time was the earthquake. I think it was a kind of therapy for everyone to share what they experienced and how they have been feeling since it happened.

Anyhow-Mrs. N brought up a map of our area on her device and everyone was busy looking at it..pointing and exclaiming. I asked what the map showed …..after I got the answer I was thinking that maybe I should have stayed blissfully ignorant..

It was a map of the fault lines in our area. I learned that our town sits right on a major fault line that runs through the mountain range. The range that I see and photograph all the time from my back patio.

I guess some people might think of moving. I’m staying right where I am- however in light of this information hubby and I are making some changes to our emergency plan.

Our area received very minor damages-most not even worth mentioning. However, there were some hospitalizations of elderly people. A relative of ours-an elderly woman-is still in hospital. The night of the really big one she was frightened, got out of bed and was pitched forward by the jolt of the quake. She was alone when she fell at 1:30am in the pitch black…warning sirens screaming and earth shaking. Thankfully she was not severely injured.

I think tonight was the first night since the quake that I actually spent more than 2 minutes in the shower. I thought I was the only one paranoid about being in the bath and having a quake rip through. All the ladies said that they were going through the same thing-PTSD I guess. The minute I stepped into the tub room I felt this anxiety well up in me. I mean-who wants to be in the tub and have an earthquake come? I even thought about taking a bath in my bathing suit just so I wouldn’t be buck naked if I had to flee.

Stuff you never really ever think about.

I only had 3 or 4 warnings come through on my early warning app today-a relatively quiet day-earthquake wise. The last one came through about an hour ago.


I really appreciate the early warning system here. I don’t know if it exists anywhere else in the world. It’s a system that is integrated into all mobile phones- I think all anyhow. About 13 seconds before a major quake your phone automatically starts screaming in Japanese (and I mean screaming) IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE, IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE! There is also a siren noise that accompanies the voice.  At the same time the town loudspeakers are blaring this same message….and then the earth starts shaking. In one way it is scary as heck…. A major quake is scary enough-add to that all the sirens and yelling ….

But after that 7.2 or whatever it was- I was thankful to have a few seconds warning. To be suddenly and without warning struck by an earthquake is scarier to me. We had many hundreds of after shocks-some not so small…I was really thankful to have a few seconds of warning so that I could brace myself and perhaps-evacuate the house of I needed to.

Everyone in our area was really shocked by these earthquakes because we live in an area of Japan that never really experiences earthquakes. In the five plus years that we have been here I have never felt even so much as a rumble until now. We had tremors every so often in Saipan so it’s not like I’ve never experienced an earthquake before. About 20 years ago we had a fairly large jolt when a major quake hit Guam. But…nothing like what we just experienced a little over a week ago.

I’m still dizzy from all the earth movement. I thought it was just me but have talked to several others now who are experiencing the same thing. I guess it is not an uncommon phenomenon. The shaking isn’t over yet as swarms are still being recorded. I read one article that talked about the fear of some scientists that Kyushu might actually split in two because there is a major fault line that is being stressed. Sheesh. I hope that’s not true.

Anyhow- I think this was more than just a “bit” about the earthquake.

I’ve been in the garden a lot. It calms me.


Today was a cool and misty day. It rained off and on this afternoon. I took a nap while the garden grew. Everything is coming up now.


Soon this little area will be filled to overflowing with color. The ox-eye daisies are coming up, the foxgloves are starting to bloom and soon they will send up tall spires dripping with pink bells. I can see buds on the morning and evening bush. I love that bush when it blooms. It has hundreds and hundreds of purple and white flowers that are so awesomely fragrant that the entire house smells inside if I open the windows. The blueberry bushes are flowering.

gard6You can’t really see them but seedlings are thriving in the side beds….and soon my kabocha will be climbing up my crooked little trellis.

Life goes on….thankfully.



11 thoughts on “Life as it is…

  1. My thoughts: You are so brave! I know you can get through this. You know how I feel about the “split in two” theory so I won’t reiterate. However, scientists are worried that this is a domino effect and that north of you (Shikoku) could be next.

    Here in Fukushima, we talk a lot about earthquake stuff, THAT DAY, and radiation and so forth. It’s a major comment. After the earthquake the greeting was “How is your house?” To tell the truth, I get tired of talking about earthquakes with other Fukushimers…we’ve said all to be said, and just repeat ourselves.

    As far as moving: My husband said, “Some people moved from here (Tohoku ) to there (Kyushu) and look what happened!” The irony. They moved to Kyushu because like you said, no quakes. You’ll probably be getting them from here on out (aftershocks).

    Good luck, Connie! God bless!


    1. Yeah- I can understand getting tired of talking about it. I don’t even LIVE there and I still get emails from people I know asking about ” the reactor”. After our quake here I got many emails asking about the reactors. I mean- I really have no idea about them. It’s funny- I read various news sites and after our quake I had to stay away from reading a lot of the sites- the comments people make are sometimes just idiotic and mean. Comments like- ” they have poisoned the world I hope they sink into the ocean” – they meaning us here. I replied to one lady- I couldn’t help it. I usually move along but she was just SO MEAN that I couldn’t help but respond to her. As if there were no issues in her country…

      Anyhow- yeah- let’s move forward. The spinach is growing and the komatsuna too…



  2. Sure am glad you are okay! We have hurricanes where I live,(North Carolina, USA) but I can’t help thinking an earthquake would be scarier! Your garden is wonderful..hope you take pictures of it fully in bloom. Love your blog!


    1. Hi Jane! I think any natural disaster is scary! We had typhoons in Saipan and I experienced some with winds over 200 mph- that’s scary!!

      Thank you for the nice comment about my blog… Yes I’ll take photos of ” full bloom”



  3. Hi Connie-
    I’m glad things are settling down for you, and I hope you are undisturbed by catastrophes for a long time!
    I love kabocha, it’s much better than the pumpkins we get here. I put a short post about earthquakes, etc, on my Bible blog. Come by if you want.


    1. We are still getting swarms…and low level tremors… I too pray that things ease off…I will definitely look for your Bible blog! I didn’t know you had one!! I’m so sorry!!


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