Come along….

I thought I’d invite you along with me today for a bit of spring gardening and then a walk ….. I decided when we first moved into this old Japanese house that I wanted my garden to be very un-Japanese. Not that I don’t like Japanese gardens it’s just that I love cottage gardens more.  The first few years were trial and error. I’m a “baby” gardener so I had a lot of studying to do. Things are coming along now though and I can see that the studying and hard work are paying off.



Things are just beginning to grow. My snap peas are climbing up their trellis. The lettuce is growing in its tent. Broccoli is standing tall and the little flower bed in the front grew itself this year. I had a few of those mini snapdragons planted in there last year and the year before. Last year I let them go to seed to see what would happen. What happened is a bed full of color! They self seeded to the side bed too which is fine.


The little daisies are coming up by themselves and soon the back corner will be bursting full of big, beautiful ox-eye daises. I haven’t planted a single seed yet and I already have a yard full of color coming up.

little buzzy sitting on a new hydrangea leaf

Little buzzing things are flying around. Butterflies are already busy and I even saw a bee today. The hydrangea have leaves popping out and by the rainy season they will bloom. The ornamental peach trees have flowered and the cherry trees are in full bloom.

I say it every year but honestly it’s true…I have never had a more lovely spring than here in Japan.

I puttered around for a good two hours in my garden this morning and then packed up my gear and headed to the local gym/pool AKA-senior citizen kindergarten. Seriously. I think I’m about the youngest one there (at age 54) most are around 70+.

As part of my fitness routine I walk to the gym-rain or shine. I’ve learned to love walking since we’ve moved here. Fits right in with my minimalist lifestyle and my photography hobby.

I didn’t take my camera with me today because I had a lot to carry-I just took my ipad. At any rate I always take some sort of camera with me everywhere I go. Life must be photographed don’t you know?  🙂

IMG_3665It was a very damp and misty day, you couldn’t even see the mountains.

But…everywhere you looked-sakura!

IMG_3643In the park the dog and boy statue framed by blossoms.

Along the river nanohana and sakura lift my spirits on this misty spring day. Everything looked so dreamy and fairy tale – like.


Our town, like much of Japan, is a lovely and interesting mix of the old and new. The big Japanese house you see in the background is the shrine priest’s house. In the photo above the red bridge crosses the river to the shrine. I took my time walking today. Spring is too lovely to miss by walking too fast.

I watched the birds play in the sakura trees and new butterflies flit willy-nilly among the nanohana.

Later on when I had come home I sat on the patio for a bit absorbing the surrounding area that was just one big garden at the moment. Just everywhere you look….color. I took the photo below in the twilight- our road below the garden wall and in the distance- glowing sakura.


Before I went in the house to cook dinner I stood for a moment and gazed at my neighbor’s home. She died last year and now her little wood house stands empty but the old sakura tree still blooms for her.


I’m thankful that I am here to see yet another spring.

Tomorrow we will have hanami (flower viewing picnic) at Soeda Park-a castle park with “weeping willow” type  sakura that hang over an ancient pond…

stay tuned……


7 thoughts on “Come along….

  1. I love all the flowering cherries/plum trees here in Oregon too. That might be the best similarity between Japan and western Oregon –their lovely long-blooming springs.


  2. I used to puzzle the Japanese I worked with (when I lived in Japan) by saying that over the weekend I had indulged in hanamimi. They didn’t understand that I enjoyed watching the Japanese doing hanami (“looking at the flowers”). [For those whose Japanese is a bit rusty, “mi” can be translated as “looking” or “watching”.]

    Ian M


    1. I have a little of each thing we like to eat- it’s a small garden and sun can be an issue so I work with what I have- including containers… Keeps me busy 🙂

      Oh- shame about your snap peas… Last year I grew them for the worms… They ate everything…


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