More earthquakes! 

2:00 am – we are sitting here in front of the TV watching the alerts come one after the other. We were jolted out of bed by another big earthquake.  My earthquake alarm on my iPad won’t stop screaming. My heart is pounding and I’m trying to calm down. Yes, I’m scared. This is downright frightening. 

The one that woke us up around 1:30am made the entire house sway violently. I think I had just fallen into a deep sleep and being violently jolted awake is terribly disorienting. 

The epicenter is about an hour and a half from here. I can only imagine what those poor people are going thru! We are getting the waves from the big jolt they are getting. 

We had earthquakes in Saipan but nothing like this! My husband said even here they aren’t used to quakes like this. We live in an area that rarely experiences earthquakes. 

Ok – I feel a bit more calm now. Maybe hot chocolate or some tea might do me good. I sure hope this shaking stops but I’m guessing we are in for more…. according to what the news guy said we aren’t through the woods yet. 



Hello dear readers!

Many of you have asked if last nights earthquake was in our area. Yes, it was. The epicenter was about an hour and a half from here.

It was a strong quake and the death toll so far is 9.  Our family is OK. Just shaky nerves. We had aftershocks for hours after and today I’m dizzy. Interesting – I was reading about the connection between earthquakes, aftershocks and dizziness. I feel like I am on a boat.

The news said to expect more aftershocks.

Going to take another look at our bug out bag and emergency supplies.

Stay safe everyone!