Photo101 fail

Well, what can I say? I totally forgot that I would be traveling during the photo 101 class and although I tried to keep up-I couldn’t.

I did take a few photos for the class and I didn’t want to waste them so I’ll just post them here for anyone that wants to see them….Funny thing is…I can’t remember exactly what the themes for the photos were! If you think they match any theme…let me know…!. Funny but-it’s ok-really. I’ve learned to not sweat the small stuff.

IMG_2219This one I know was “pop of color” because this boy just popped out from across the bridge. All I saw was this “orange” walking towards me so I asked the kids to pose for a photo. It looks more like a hold-up…lol

The one below is anyone’s guess. Same as the featured photo.


This next one was “reflection” I think. I can’t find my list so I don’t know if it is a future assignment or it was already given. I loved this photo though because you can see the roof of the temple and the clouds reflected in the stone purification well. It was a windy day and it took a lot of patience to wait for a moment of stillness so I could capture the reflection without the water moving from the wind.

reflect1 well…that’s it for the moment.

It is almost full-blown cherry blossom season here and I’m working on sharing the beauty of it with you.

6 thoughts on “Photo101 fail

  1. I love the reflection. The lines of the roof tiles create a subtle contrast to the bamboo which increases the depth of the whole shot. Well done!

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