Listening to koto….

This is actually something we were able to do during Hinamatsuri but I totally forgot to write about it. Shows you how busy I have been.

During Hinamatsuri I wrote about a historical home that I was able to visit with my neighbor. We had such a lovely day in that beautiful home! I loved it so much that I really wanted to bring my husband to see it. I heard from the caretaker that there was a small koto concert scheduled for the next day so I convinced hubby to go with me.

The “concert” was given by a local koto teacher and her students. It was wonderful and I am so glad that we went.


It was actually the first time that I’ve ever heard koto “live”. It was everything I had hoped it would be and listening while sitting in the engawa, doors rolled wide open… in that breathtakingly beautiful home took me back in time. I sat listening while imagining the home during the time the original family lived in it. Surely they did exactly the same thing in this very room!

I captured just a bit of the concert to give you a taste….

In the short clip above the song is entitled “Hinamatsuri”- the doll festival song.

The sensei (teacher) is 82 years old! I was shocked when I heard her age! She doesn’t look a day over 72! Maybe even younger!


I hope you enjoyed the photos because I loved taking them! There was so much beauty that I could hardly stop trying to capture it all!

14 thoughts on “Listening to koto….

  1. This reminded me of a childhood memory. I grew up in Ohio with a Japanese mother. When I was in elementary school, she and several of her Japanese friends did a Japanese cultural performance for our school which included koto music. Thanks for sharing!


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