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Photo101-connect and tag

As I wandered about town on Saturday thinking about this theme I tried to look for the obvious and the not so obvious.

The bridge-Nanohanahashi (Mustard flower bridge) is obvious. The Nanohanahashi connects our community. Actually before it was built there was only one other bridge spanning the Onga River.

The second photo is not so obvious. My focus was the copper plate that connects to the beam at one of the local temples.

It isn’t so much the copper plate as it is the temple itself that keeps the local community connected to their ancient spiritual roots.



Loving life in rural Japan-writer,gardener,hiker, photographer,crochet artist, chief cook and bottle washer!

2 thoughts on “Photo101-connect and tag

  1. I have been enjoying your photos. I wish I could get motivated to try harder with my camera. Maybe this will enspire me! The copper plate is very beautiful!


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