Photo101-Day 4 Bliss

For today’s photo101 assignment we were to capture “bliss” and add a caption.

I have no “one” thing that I would consider blissful. It really depends upon the situation. On some days I might consider a nap pure bliss…on others a piece of chocolate might do it for me.

It’s been pouring rain here since yesterday. Early spring is like that in our area. I’d rather be outside in my garden puttering around but, on a chilly,  rainy spring day when I can only look out of the window and dream then- this is bliss to me. Sitting in my engawa  on my zabuton chair while enjoying a bit of crochet, tea and wistfully looking out at my garden.

Working on a baby blanket for another new grandchild on the way.  :)

Garden dreams and crochet.

The first photo was shot with the toy camera filter on my camera. The second I shot in auto. I kind of like the first one best -it has a dreamy quality about it.

I’m really trying hard to do each assignment as it comes rather than pull an old photo out of my files. I think I’ll get much more out of the class if I take the shots as the lessons come and try to follow the guidelines. My goal is to learn and improve my photography.

Camera: Canon Powershot SX530 HS

21 thoughts on “Photo101-Day 4 Bliss

  1. Good on you for using new shots! I am carrying my camera every where I go this month and am trying to put each days tip into practice. Your home looks beautiful, blissful in fact!

  2. I almost used old pics for today but…then I said motainai! I really want to improve my photography so I did the best I could.

    I know what you mean-as a matter of fact- I lug my camera EVERYWHERE….I got in trouble at onsen once…my bad…lol

  3. do not know the correct word of my feeling. when I saw the photos I feel yes it is a complete composition of bliss. It is giving a feelings of dream, relaxation, musing. then I read your text and my feelings became stronger.

  4. Your photo is so relaxing (“Breathe…again…”)!
    I, too, like the toy camera effect. It’s fun to play around with different effects…sometimes they can save an otherwise blah image. But this one didn’t need saving!

  5. The peaceful view from your window probably makes it easy for you to sit and crochet. I still have a crochet blanket my grandmother made for me and it’s definitely on to be cherished.

    Both shots are great, but for some reason, I’m drawn to the first with the filter. It seems a bit more dramatic and gives off a feeling of alone-ness.

  6. I really appreciate the comment. Yeah- I felt the same with the first pic.

    Incidentally- I’m making all of my grandkids a crochet blanket- this is number 7. :)

    I know they will treasure them- the ones that have them already do.


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