Photo101-Day 3 Water Orientation

My interpretation of “water orientation” both horizontal and vertical views-plus my impromptu poetry. Personally I liked the first shot best simply because it draws the eye towards the mountains in the background. Being an avid hiker this appeals to me. Thoughts?


Nihon-the end of winter slides down your shoulders like an old grey haori.

Bits of green begin to creep into this world of grey.

Riverside treetops are now dotted white with flocks of great white herons…nesting season has arrived.

The air is thick with the mists of early spring.

Hikosan mountain calls in the distance…yuki no hana are blooming at Takasumi Shrine.

River view with tree-top herons.



Dedicated to my good friend “Phil” in Oregon.

9 thoughts on “Photo101-Day 3 Water Orientation

  1. Yes- I agree- we were supposed to try both perspectives and see if we could get some comments- all a learning experience. Hard to get a good river shot sideways anyhow.

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