Day Two: Street & Establishing shots

This is my assignment for day two of the “Photo101” workshop.

The assignment is to establish a wide-angle shot-a photo that sets up a scene.

Despite being one of my busiest days and a gloomy grey day to boot-I was motivated to get out and see if I could complete the assignment. I couldn’t go very far to look for the “perfect shot” because of time constraints but, I think I may have at least accomplished what I set out to do.

I quickly ran down our little lane to capture this photo: no cropping, no editing of any kind-just a rural Japan “street” scene on an overcast day. The “star” being the green-onion field…I suppose.


8 thoughts on “Day Two: Street & Establishing shots

  1. Thank you! We are here in Kyushu-at the foot of Mt. Fukuchi. It’s a small rural town…no street life to speak of…lol but wonderful if you are “our age”!

  2. I smiled at your reference to the 93 year old on the bike. I live by the Tama River just over the river from Tokyo in Kanagawa. There is a cycle way across the road and every now and then I see a delightful old couple riding along on a tandem bike. They always whiz past before I can get a shot!!!!

  3. Really-you are in Kanagawa Ken? My daughter and her family are up there-Zamashi

    And yes…the jitensha is the preferred mode of travel here in our little town-every elderly person in town has one!

  4. :) it was a quick shot- I was SUPER busy but really wanted to make an effort and there aren’t many places around my house to get an exciting shot. I didn’t have time to walk into town. This is about as exciting as it gets near my home!

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