What is home to me? 

I recently signed up for a WordPress workshop- Photography 101. It sounded like a lot of fun- so here I am with my first assignment which was to capture what ” home” means to me.

As many of you that read my blog know- home has moved around a lot for me in the past few years. But- now, here we are in Japan where we will remain until ” death do us part”.

It didn’t take me long to decide what it was that captured the idea of ” home” for me now. It’s a very hazy day today but that’s ok- you can fill in the rest of Mt. Fukuchi with your imagination.

For those of you that know me- you know, this mountain view in my little garden is often the subject of many a photo here on this blog.

The mountain, the valley, the Japanese kawara roofs….this is home now. This is where it has all led and will remain until I depart this earth for my eternal home.

15 thoughts on “What is home to me? 

  1. I like the photo–it has the feel of oriental art–a few items, carefully arranged. The branches fanned in front of the peak are an excellent element—they both act as a backdrop for the table arrangement and lend mystery to the far background.


  2. Wow, so pretty. Thank you for blogging! Please pray for the u.s.a., this nation is in extreme distress.

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