An ordinary day….

What’s an ordinary day like for me? Well…depends on the day. This was my ordinary Wednesday.

Got up at 7am and went straight to the kitchen to get the coffee brewing. After doing a quick toilet/teeth brushing routine it was time to hit the kitchen work-floor hard. I usually have at least three or four gigs going at the same time so that I can get hubby’s breakfast and bento done ASAP.

I got the fish grilling, miso soup boiling, the cheese cut into strips, and some other prep work completed-or at least started . But I had to get his breakfast on the table first.

Got the big red tray out-on went the natto, miso soup with an egg dropped in it and cooked “just so”, grilled fish, vinegared komatsuna (a green leafy vegetable) and 170 grams of rice in his bowl. The big jar of daikon and carrot pickles got set out and I made a pot of green tea.

While he ate I got the bento done-fried thin sliced pork rolled up with cheeze in the center, fish cooked in butter and garlic, long beans with mushrooms and bits of smoked sausage and egg -grilled in the frypan and a lotus root/carrot side.


Got the bento packed up and then set to work on the mountain of dishes.

Dishes done-I stripped the bed and while the bedding was in the washer I raced the dust mop over the floors and finished just in time to hang the sheets and a few odd clothes that I threw in with the sheets. No dryer in this house-most houses here don’t have clothes dryers. The weather was so nice that I opened all the windows for a while. I grill fish daily and that “aroma” accumulates during the winter months. It’s wonderful when I can air out the house for a while.


It was the first morning in a while that I didn’t have the kerosene heater on in the kitchen. For the newbies-most Japanese houses don’t have central heat. We use kerosene heaters to heat the room we are in. The rest of the rooms stay cold unless we are going to use them. The toilet room and tub rooms are never heated. The toilet has its own room in Japan.

Anyhow-once I got the morning chores quickly out of the way I grabbed my gym bag and headed to the pool for two hours to get my exercise.

On the way I stopped here and there to admire the spring blooms that were opening everywhere…


I really admire this “weeping” ume tree. When it’s full it is just so pretty. I’ll get more pictures of it in a week or so. Below-a tree blooming at the neighbor’s house.


After the pool, the weather was so nice that I just sort of meandered on home. This is the main road that runs through town. I love the view with the mountains in the distance.


I stopped by the local shrine just to smell the old wood and look around.

There was just this one little weeping ume tree that was starting to bloom.

I  walked around for a bit and enjoyed taking in the ancient buildings and peaceful atmosphere.

There was this strange….kind of creepy music that was playing while I was at the shrine….here, I made a video of it. I think it was coming from the high school next to the shrine. I could not get that tune out of my head for the rest of the day.

I am on the lookout now for the uguisu, the Japanese bush warbler. As I’ve said here before, the uguisu is my favorite bird-its song is just magical. With spring starting to bloom I’m expecting that any day now I’ll be hearing uguisu return to the neighborhood. There is one that has, for the last three years, nested in the old sakura (cherry) tree across the street.

Speaking of sakura trees! Oh my word! We have a little park down the road from our house where the elderly play gate ball. It is ringed with sakura trees and becomes absolutely stunning in the spring…well…last week someone cut down half of the sakura trees! That’s one way to piss-off the neighborhood’s elderly. I have heard nothing but talk of how angry everyone is that the trees were cut-and right before cherry blossom season yet! It’s not like that park is special. No one but the elderly ever have access to it. Other than that it is always gated and empty.

I’ll miss that beautiful view that I always had in the spring when I looked southwest out of my garden.

But-I digress…

For the first time I noticed this sumo ring on the shrine grounds. Our town has a famous sumo wrestler, maybe it’s in his honor? No idea….


I noticed that the nanohana (mustard flowers) were also starting to bloom-a sure sign of spring. I saw clumps of them down by the river. In the background is the little red bridge that crosses the river and leads to the shrine.


I took the back road home.


The roads in the neighborhoods are all very narrow. There is a law against parking your car on the road like you see here. When we moved in we had to demolish the gate that I fell so in love with to make room for a tiny driveway/parking area. The man who owns that white car is rather an odd fellow. He lives alone, is never friendly and actually kind of scary. I think that’s why no one bothers him about his car being parked next to his house on the road. We think he kind of looks like the Japanese version of Freddy Kruger. Yes- there is even intrigue here in our sleepy little neighborhood.

I got home around 2:15 pm-enough time left to putter in my garden which is starting to yawn back to life.


The snap peas are growing, got some lettuce coming too. I have to get a hoop for my broccoli. Last year I grew broccoli only for the cabbage worms. They ate it all. Not this year-I’m protecting it. It’s outgrowing that small plastic tent though.


These seeded themselves. I was going to do something else here but I’ll wait because I love these flowers-they are pretty once they start blooming. They look like mini snapdragons.


I love this time of year with everything starting to awaken back to life….

After puttering in the garden I got supper cooked, some bento food prepped for the next day the wash taken in just in time for hubby to get home. After supper there was the usual kitchen clean-up and arranging things for the next morning’s cooking routine.

After dinner we have our bath and spend a little time relaxing under the kotatsu. I’m working on finishing up a baby blanket for my daughter who is due in September…hopefully on my birthday!

That’s it for my ordinary Wednesday….




11 thoughts on “An ordinary day….

  1. That tree is so pretty. I just came back from a walk and yes, it feels like spring is finally here. Nature may play tricks though! I was putting away long underwear today.
    Chiba’s prefectural flower is “Nanohana.” Well, at that time…all the translations said “rape blossom”. I hated using that and I prefer mustard flowers. Thank you for that translation!

  2. Yeah- rape flower- no thanks- I say mustard- maybe it isn’t exactly but I don’t care. Whoever came up with the other name should be $&@’nbvfx:($&@

  3. I loved reading this SO much! I won’t tell my husband, though, about all your breakfast cooking for your husband. Don’t want him to get ideas.

  4. My husband is a diabetic -shoots insulin 3x a day- the doctor has him on a really particular diet- hence all my cooking….he was diagnosed last September… My kitchen life has really changed since then. I had to go to a class at the hospital to learn- and the book is in JAPANESE– yes, I cried. But…. You know… The Lord helped when I finally got over myself … Now- ” I’m a pro” but it is tiring sometimes… Although I don’t regret doing this for him. He was very close to dying last year- we didn’t know how sick he was until he almost collapsed. His health took a complete turn around because of my TLC ( powered by the Holy Spirit). The doctor is really quite stunned that my husband was able to recover so well- he is still very much diabetic but no where near how very ill he was last year! Praise the Lord!

  5. I loved your ordinary Wednesday. I wish I could post about neighborhood intrigue but someone would get their panties in a twist.
    Thank you for writing about your day. I thought it was interesting. I know you put a lot of thought into what to say.

  6. Hi ! Thank you- you know- it takes energy to think about what my readers might want to ” hear”… And when you ” live here” things get so routine you know… So yes- I do actually think about what I write … But I love to write- so it’s fun for me. If I’ll admit it- this blog is a big part of my social life here. I consider my audience as friends.

  7. I think the scary neighbor thing is a big problem here. With the high population density, it is difficult to avoid them. It does make life uncomfortable and even frightening in a place that should be a comfort.

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