The year of dolls…I guess

Well this must be the year of dolls for me because I keep receiving them.

Mrs. A stopped by today to give me a set of origami Hina dolls for my little collection. The “boy” is the green one and the “girl” is pink. I was told that in our area the boy goes on the left and the girl on the right. I had them the other way around but Mrs. A was nice enough to correct me.

She is the one that made the origami box for Valentine’s day. I can barely fold paper in half straight. She is an absolute genius at origami.


IMG_3050 (2)

My husband gave me this little set.


It’s from Daiso! How absolutely cute! The paint is a little off but that’s ok!

So, now I have four little doll sets for Hinamatsuri!

On Friday we “gals”-meaning some of the ladies from Tuesday group-are going to the cultural center in town to the Hinamatsuri (Doll Festival). We will be able to view Dolls that are hundreds of years old, drink matcha, eat sweets and generally have fun with other women who will come to enjoy the Doll Festival.

I’m excited!

Oh my…what will I wear?

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