need technical advice

***Update for anyone who cares–>  I seem to have fixed the issues I was having by updating the device. Something so simple…. gah.

I can usually figure things out but this time I’m stumped. I have 2 tablets. One is an iPad mini that I have no trouble with.

The other is an android- a Fujitsu Arrows that I really like except for the fact that I can’t pair it with my devices, namely my Fitbit and my Canon power-shot camera. I have tried uninstalling the apps, restarting Bluetooth, redoing the Internet connection. Nothing works. I would really like to fix this issue so if anyone has any idea please let me know.

Problem in a nutshell is that I can not pair my Fitbit or my Canon camera with my Android tablet.

Wandering around town

Yesterday I spent about four hours exploring some more of our town. I was actually on the hunt for some photos for the photo101 workshop. I looked at the list of daily assignments and decided to get a bit of a jump on some of them because number one-it’s been rainy and cold and number two I’ll be traveling later on this week and might not have time to get out with my camera. Continue reading “Wandering around town”