The rut of ordinary

Well…I need to be honest here. After about 5 years of blogging about Japan it is becoming increasingly more difficult to write from a “new in Japan” perspective.

I’m afraid my blog posts as of late have been rather boring. I’m struggling trying to make them all “Japany” and fun and interesting. Life is routine. Not very interesting, I think. So those of you who have been following this blog because of all the cool Japan stuff may be a bit disappointed.

I changed the blog title (again)…because my life evolves so much I outgrow my titles. But-that’s life.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do here. I may just write about whatever I feel like writing about. It will probably be mostly about my life here in Japan but I can’t write every single post about “life in Japan”-not anymore. But…well…-nothing stays the same.

Life here lately has been maddening in the area of weather. One day it is spring and the next it’s winter. My flowers are going to need therapy soon. They are totally confused. Actually, the weather all over the planet is pretty much confused as well. I have friends in Canada who also tell me that their flowers are coming up-which is not normal for their area. Lots of strange things going on around the planet if you have the eye to notice.

Anyhow-I will write, just wanted you to know that this blog will change a bit.



12 thoughts on “The rut of ordinary

  1. You have been here five years? Wow, time flies. Omedetou! I enjoy your blog no matter what you blog about.

  2. I tried to post earlier but it didn’t take (my fault–password problem). We can’t escape change so we might as well accept it. Whatever you write about will be interesting to me, so please, keep on writing!

  3. I just found your blog. I understand how you must feel everything is “ordinary” now, but there are those of us who just started reading, so please don’t stop. I love the pics you took of the architecture! Thank you, Anita

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  4. Please keep blogging. Love your pictures of rural Japan. Looks so peaceful and pretty. Especially like the pics of old towns, and buildings. Your photos are different and more intereresting than travel photos. Keep on with the “ordinary”, it’s enjoyable to me!

  5. I sure will- I sometimes get stuck in a rut but feedback really motivates me! As a writer I love doing what I do- but sometimes writers need a bit of encouragement-.thanks for giving me encouragement!

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