We had a lovely Valentine’s Day! Hubby and I always do a little gift-exchange in celebration of our marriage. Nothing fancy, we aren’t into fancy . I gifted him with a very delicious and sweetly arranged breakfast, a lovely card and a few chocolates-two pieces to be exact-because of his diabetes.

He brought me this beautiful Ume Tree.

I’ve always wanted one! In the afternoon we went to an onsen and had a wonderful soak in the Jacuzzi and then enjoyed the (mostly) vegetarian buffet in the onsen restaurant. Lovely.

I love how very inexpensive going to onsen is here-500 yen per person! That’s less than $5.00 per person! The onsen is such a beautiful place. There are tatami rooms for relaxing, lovely wood flooring, walls and ceiling-with big half log beams. They have massage chairs and massage rooms if you want to indulge.

It’s just really a lovely place that I always enjoy going to.

It is Hina Doll season here with the Hinamatsuri (doll festival) coming up on March 3rd. I stopped by the library and saw that they have their display up already.

Everywhere you go now you’ll see similar displays . Many of the dolls are very old. Some of these dolls were behind glass -the old ones-so it was difficult to get a nice photo of them. There was a lot of glare.

Mrs. NG came over today and gave me a lovely gift. This is a unique Hina Doll set! It had belonged to her mother. Her friend had handcrafted it and given it to her many years ago. Mrs. NG’s mom wants to minimize so she boxed up some things and sent them to Mrs. NG….this was an item that she thought I might like! Wow! I was thrilled! I love it!


The dolls are actually tops!

Isn’t it just so cute? Each little doll is toy top that can be played with. Awesome!

This is the second year in a row that I have received Hina dolls in the season of Hina Doll festival.

Last year an artist friend of mine made these beautiful clay dolls for me.


Tomorrow I’m going to arrange an honorary place in our tatami room to display my dolls -how fun!

I’m working on a crochet baby blanket for my daughter who is having her second child. The blanket has an ocean theme with three shades of blue a line of sea-foam and then sand…with baby turtles crawling into the water. It is going to be really cute when it’s done.

I’ve had to postpone gardening because winter has decided to return. We go up and down here at this time of the year but I can see that the buds are peeking out on the sakura tree so it won’t be long before spring is here. At least the garden is set up. That’s the big job that always needs to be done before I can begin planting. In a week or two I’ve got to get the sunakku-endo in though.

I’ve got lots of other little things going on…working my way through a Bible study. I’ve got some sewing projects lined up after I get my crochet projects done. I’m also thinking about the upcoming spring cleaning I always do when the weather gets warm…gosh I can’t wait to be able to throw all the windows open! I’m so ready!

I’m just not ready to haul out all the futons, lug them outside and flop them over the wall for sunning….gah. It’s always a two to three day job by the time I get them all aired, the furoshiki (wrapping cloths), covers and quilts all washed and dried on the line. Every year I say-I’m going to get vacuum sealed futon bags and silicon packets and wrap them all up so I don’t have to do this every year but……

Busy, busy,busy….!

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