Dirt under my nails

What a productive weekend. Our spring planting season starts this month and this year I’m ready on time. It took me a few years to get used to the different planting / sowing times.

I got out in the garden and began rearranging. I decided to make as much room as possible for plants that we can actually eat versus plants that take up resources just to look good.

I cut down and completely dug out that huge clematis. It was really pretty when it flowered but….I need the space for kabocha and green peppers and such.


Once that was removed I yanked up the old green pepper bushes. The trash was clipped small and stuffed into “regulation” trash bags and then I set to work enlarging one plot and relocating my home made trellis’s.

IMG_2649I widened the plot a bit. Down at the end I made a separate triangular shaped section that I’ll fill with slightly different soil. I have an idea but I’m still working on it.


I’m going to try and grow kabocha on the arch trellis too- or maybe bitter melon. I made the trellis myself that’s why it’s kind of crooked. The wood trellis is crooked too-seems to be my trademark.


I’ve got one purple sprouting broccoli that just sort of grew by itself in the corner. It seems to be doing well. I covered it up in a little plastic tent to help protect it from bugs. I sowed a few more seeds. We shall see if they grow. IMG_2643

My little garden is kind of hodgepodge. I save things-wire, wood, pots and other things I deem may come in handy. I don’t buy anything unless I absolutely have to. It may not be as beautiful as some gardens but I love the homespun feel of it.

I also save seeds. I’ve had a lot of success with saving seeds from vegetables that I buy at the farmer’s market. Why buy if I can just save them from the vegetables I buy? I’ve got some pepper seeds drying at the moment. There were still some peppers on the bush that I ripped up.

All the flowers that are coming up are from seeds that I have saved.

I am teaching myself how to do this. Youtube has been invaluable to me. I watch many gardening videos and even take notes! It is such a satisfying feeling-growing your own food. It is a lot of hard work. The videos make it look easy but the reality is that it’s a lot of work. However, I think that it’s a valuable skill to have. I was reading the financial news and it looks really gloomy. Something inside me tells me that learning the skills of gardening and sewing and such will come in very handy in the days to come.

Besides that- being out in my garden is so good for my soul.



4 thoughts on “Dirt under my nails

  1. You’re able to plant so much earlier than we are, here in the southern US. Our last freeze date will be sometime in April, so while I can start seeds inside, have to wait to plant. You’ve inspired me, though. Hard work, yes, but relaxing for your spirit. I could use some of that!


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