Historic Snowfall

Well…our big snow has turned into an historic event around these parts! I’m writing this at 2:00pm Monday afternoon and it is still snowing-having stopped for just a wee bit last night. A really wee bit. Here is what it looks like right now. It is still snowing big huge flakes drifting down silently covering everything in white. There is no wind.



Early Saturday morning I could see the clouds rolling in over the mountain….


Mid-morning Saturday it began to rain and by late afternoon it was rain mixed with snow. Early in the evening we were experiencing light snow showers which just kept increasing.

I took that walk that I said I was going to take yesterday. A few kids were having a blast! Our neighborhood doesn’t have many children, mostly elderly. I wanted to call them all outside for a good-ole’ fashioned snowball fight!

Everything looked so wonderful covered in new snow.




I haven’t seen our landscape looking like this before. Hubby told me not to go far but…before I knew it I was half-way up to the foot of the mountain.


The wind started blowing making visibility difficult. My phone rang…I’d been gone an hour already so I already knew who it was calling. I told hubby that I was on my way home.

I walked past the by-pass (free way) entrance. Every once and a while a vehicle rolled cautiously by. We don’t have any emergency snow vehicles around these parts (snow plows and such) because frankly-we don’t need them. Most years they would just sit and rust. This was yesterday. Yesterday when a few cars were heard crunching slowly down the lanes….not today. Today everything is at a standstill.



Today there is no sound outside. At this moment it shows no sign of stopping. I’m sure it will but, right now there is only this continual drifting down of some of the biggest flakes that I have ever seen in years and years. I just ran out and snapped these from the driveway.

It has not snowed like this here for over 40 years according to family. The news said that the island of Amani Oshima, down near Okinawa, has not had this kind of snow in over 112 years! They are getting quite a dump now though!

I am completely content! Hubby is a bit antsy….but I’m ignoring that. I’m not about to let anyone or anything ruin this wonderful experience. It won’t last a week, I’m sure so, I am going to savor every single flake!

11 thoughts on “Historic Snowfall

  1. Lovely pics, especially the one of the gate!
    I think people are unnerved by the unusual, particularly when they have no control over it…I know I am! Enjoy the change!

  2. Love your pictures. Looks so relaxing and calm. “Chatted” with my son in Kagoshima and was stunned when he turned the laptop to the outside. I could see snow on Sakurajma!!!! It was beautiful. They sent pics of g-son(19mos) out in the snow. Enjoy your day and silence and peace.

  3. Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate… :-) E-mail me your address, and I’ll ship you a small TLC packet from Wisconsin..

  4. Isn’t that just fun ….! I talk to my grandkids and kids on facetime and we show each other the scenery too. This morning I showed my grandson in Saipan (an isolated tropical island) the snow outside….I’m so thankful for the internet! How awesome that you were able to see Sakurajima!

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