Strange days

Well- it seems that I’ve been really good at not blogging. 

I’ve got good reason I suppose, I mean, housewives here do have a lot of chores to do. Never in my life have I ever seen such voracious mold. You have no idea. Japan is extremely humid and no matter what I do I can not keep the horrid stuff away. 

And dust- sheesh- where does it come from? 

But aside from all that boring stuff I’ve been spending free time reading and researching something on Internet. Lots of wacky stuff going on in the universe. 

Wacky stuff going on here too. I made myself grilled mochi for lunch. I just sort of winged it and it tasted so good that I thought I’d make one more. 


However…. I’m not sure what happened in the toaster oven this time. 

Apparently we have some very cold and snowy weather on the way. We live in a rather temperate area and don’t ever get much snow so this is making big news. We’ve had alerts on the tv telling people that they should prepare emergency supplies. Hubby said he will go out tomorrow and get emergency water containers as the government office is warning that because of cold temps there may not be any running water. Ok. I can deal with that. We’ve had lots of practice for emergencies living thru them all those years on Saipan. 

In the morning I’ll take stock of our supplies and we’ll make sure that we are prepared for whatever comes. 

I’ve been mulling over jump starting my blogging and seeing if I can challenge myself to write a post a day. What do you think? Should I do that? 

I’ve been terribly bad at reading friends blogs too. That’s not nice and I’m sorry. 

Well it’s off to bed for me- we’ve got emergency supplies to gather in the morning- fun stuff. I function well in disaster situations. Must be in my blood. 

7 thoughts on “Strange days

  1. No comment on your idea of jumpstarting your blog. You do fine. :) Shouldn’t be an obligation. But I will say, your background and header image are wonderful. Love them so much.

  2. I think you should do what YOU want as far as blogging. It’s not a business for you, right? So do what is comfortable for you. We’ll wait for your lovely posts even if it takes time! I have an extremely strong feeling (extremely!) that you are a far better housekeeper and cook than I am. I am lax in those departments and I need to step up my game there. There’s a reason you never see photos of my home on my blog! LOL

    Take care in this bad weather. I actually sort of enjoy it. I feel that in January we are meant to have cold weather and I feel sort of uncomfortable when the weather is “off.” (Like in December when it was too warm for December.)

  3. Don’t apologize for not blogging. Do it when the spirit moves you.
    We stayed on the tropical east side of Oahu and nothing stayed dry because of the humidity. Everything tended towards damp. We came home to a sunny day today but it rained the entire time we were gone (yes!). Oregon doesn’t have nearly as much humidity, so as long as you keep things under cover, they stay dry.
    I don’t follow my own advice but I love reading your blog (craftytokyomama) when you describe everyday living in Japan. So if you want to discourse at length about your battles with mold, I’m good.

  4. Thank you Melissa! I wanted a Japanese feel to my blog…a old fashioned country feel-the feeling that I feel living in our area. The background is actually a shot of old shutters you see on the antique homes here. The header picture I took down at the old arcade shopping area.

  5. No, certainly not a business for me lol. Housekeeping….well…ever since I was little I have loved things being neat and tidy. I think that comes from being raised in a “spic and span” German house. I remember that one my grandmother came for a visit-she brought me a little red kinder bucket with a rag and taught me how to properly wash a floor- at age 5!

    I too love winter to be winter…the ONLY thing I don’t like is that our house is FREEZING cold. Old Japanese houses are drafty and just freezing in the winter. Thank goodness we have a “modern” heated toilet! lol

  6. For the 35 years we spent living on the (isolated) tropical island of Saipan the humidity was the thing that I wanted to get away from. It was so humid that everything corroded…even plastic patio chairs! After a while they got “grainy”and started fall apart. You’d sit on them and have plastic “sand” stuck to your thighs when you got up. Yuck.
    Here it’s humid too -except the autumn seems less so. Rainy season is impossible. We have to hang the wash in our bedroom to dry with the AC on overnight or it won’t dry and it starts to stink.

  7. by the way- I’ve tried eight times just now to leave a comment on your blog-I even filled out the whole blogger profile thing but the comment just will not post and I have no idea why…I’m so sorry

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