Saturday-for lack of a better title

We finished our shopping this morning-getting ready for the “big snow” tomorrow. It’s actually a little comical to me. I was raised in Wisconsin and when I was growing up we had some fierce snowstorms. I remember drifts that pretty much covered one side of the house all the way up to the roof.

People freak out here when we have flurries. Most of the time the snow doesn’t even accumulate-although I hear they expect accumulation tomorrow. Last Tuesday we had flurries and one of the ladies in Tuesday group cancelled because of the snow. I was thinking …what snow? There was zero accumulation despite the heavy flurries we were experiencing. The roads were clear-not even icy.

Anyhow-groceries are purchased, kerosene tanks are full, water containers filled and I made sure I have plenty of hot chocolate although…I sure would love to have some good ole’ Swiss Miss. The hot chocolate we have here is “ok” but nothing beats that creamy flavor of Swiss Miss.

We buy meat, fish and vegetables at Mejia…that carnival like farmer’s market I blogged about a while back. The building is open on both the north and south end. It’s kind of like a super huge warehouse and it is freezing cold. I mean-you can see your breath-kind of cold. I have no idea how the cashiers stand it. My hands would be so cod that I wouldn’t be able to punch the keys on the register. It was cold today. We were in and out of there in a hurry.

I noticed that many of the stores we shop in are terribly cold during the winter. There isn’t any central heating but sheesh….even a couple of kerosene stoves would be welcome!

One of the strangest things though is this thing about keeping babies barefoot in winter. I’m not sure about the cities but here in our countryside it’s normal to see a baby all bundled up except….their feet. It’s quite normal to see a barefoot baby being hauled around on mommy’s hip during the cold winter. NO shoes or socks. Just bare little feet sticking out of the bottom of a fleece jumper.

My niece said that it toughens babies up. I told her in the states you’d get arrested for child neglect. She was shocked. Even in many kindergartens they strip kids down to their underwear, take them outside and vigorously rub them down with a towel to toughen them up. Yeah..I dunno. I might have a problem with that. I’d be the annoying foreigner – mother making a stink.

Last weekend we went to Takasumi Jinja up in Mt. Hiko. It was COLD. Really cold. Our poor little dog was shaking so much that we had to put him in our backpack. Luckily we brought his blanket along and we were able to wrap him up in it.


You can see that’s not a happy face sticking out of the backpack. It’s a -mom I wanna go home and hide under the kotatsu table-face.


I’m holed up in my craft room with the heater on full blast at the moment. We have flurries falling off and on outside and the temps are dropping. In a second I’m going to pick up the crochet afghan I’ve been working on. Right after I get myself another cup of hot cocoa.

Bliss….hot cocoa, crochet and watching the snow fall.

2 thoughts on “Saturday-for lack of a better title

  1. Just chatted with my son and family in Kagoshima. He turned the laptop around so I could see the snow.Only the second time in 10 years that he’s seen much snow. Wish I had your address, would be glad to send you Swiss Miss! I just mailed them a box last week with that and other food “goodies.” Nothing like a care package. Hope you stay warm and toasty. Love reading your blog, are always interesting and love, love the pictures of your town and home.

  2. Thank you for such a nice comment! Thank you also for thoughts about sending Swiss Miss! Our weather is so funny- who knows- in a couple of days it might be spring-like here.. Lol

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