The contraption

You know- Japan amazes me. I’ve never seen SO MANY gadgets, gizmos and contraptions in my life. If you have a problem that needs solving why you can just bet there is something in Japan that can help you solve it. 

However… there are no guarantees that your money will be well spent. 

Take for example this thing. 

My husband saw it advertised in the Belluna catalog. I remember the night he showed it to me….

“Mama look”! 

” Nani…..hummm….what is that”?

” it’s a for the no more back pain” 


I had my doubts but hubby was hopeful. More than hopeful actually, he was sure. Two days later it arrived by takqbin. 

I really tried to use it. It would not stay still on the ledge. It kept moving. When I leaned against it the thing would tilt forward to the point that it didn’t provide any support. I think it has some serious design flaws. Even hubby tried to test it out. The knife in his hand has nothing to do with his frustrations regarding the contraption. 

In the end we have it to my sister in law. Not sure if it worked for her. 

In the same delivery was my new swim suit for pool walking. 

Yes- believe it or not- that’s a swim suit. I’ve said before that we live in a very conservative area. Even the young ladies that bring their babies for ” mommy and me” swim class wear this kind of a bathing suit. I actually really appreciate being in an area that is this conservative. 

Well…I need to stop fiddling around here on my blog- I’m writing an article for a company web site- I’ll share the link once it’s published. 😁

8 thoughts on “The contraption

  1. Yes! My Japanese swim suit was exactly the same….so UGLY. I used it for exercise. Several years ago we went to Las Vegas and it was the only swimsuit I owned. Well, I felt so nerdy at the pool LOL. So foreign. (And meanwhile my son was in his Japanese speedos–which NO American kids wear, but all the Japanese kids wear.)

    I have learned my lessons and bought swimsuits in America. They are modest, but I still feel “sexy” when I exercise at the gym’s pool! 😛 (Sexy in a bad way. Because I am wearing the wrong attire!)


    1. The first time I went to the pool all I had was my 2 piece modest swim suit. You knw-the kind with “big style” bottoms (not bikini) and sort of a baby-doll loose fitting top that was long and almost covered the bottoms completely. In the states it would be ultra modest. I felt naked wearing it here! All the other women had on the suit I have now-like a 2 piece wet-suit. I stopped going to the pool for a while but they have new schedules (more reasonable) and I miss it a lot so hubby bought me the “wet-suit”. I actually don’t mind it-but I’m older. I wonder how it will feel in the water.
      Living on a tropical island for 35 years I had tons of swim suits-all modest 2 piece (with a long top) or one piece tanks. I’ve never ever felt comfortable wearing a bikini-ever. I appreciate the conservativeness of the women here. The only thing that is kind of depressing is the lack of COLOR. Did you ever notice how no one wears color? I do-but I rarely ever see women wearing anything colorful. It’s always dark gloomy colors.


  2. Yep, your contraption probably suffers from a design flaw (or two! 🙂 )! We can get gadgets here through TV ads and certain mail order suppliers. I suppose some of them work…


  3. I find it rather hysterical that you would be looked at oddly when wearing an American swimsuit, and yet they have no problem bathing naked. In the naked bathing pools


    1. The onsen ( naked bathing pools) are bath houses- and they aren’t coed. They are places to take a bath. The Japanese have a whole different mindset when it comes to taking a bath. The swimming pools are coed – and they are for exercise– I guess that’s the difference. Your comment inspired me to do a blog post on the topic. 🙃


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